You’re not a lemon… (and why this is good news for your success)

How’s your day going?

Really. I’m genuinely asking- how are you doing? Ever feel like one of life’s lemons?

I have taken clients from negligible self-esteem and some who’ve been at the point of quitting to where they’re now competing in major finals (including WINNING top spot!) and regularly experiencing personal successes, both in competition and around the training/competitive environment where people used to distract them or destroy their confidence. I am constantly helping people become more positive about their skills and performance and whaddayaknow, they’re becoming more successful at achieving their goals!


Some of us though are struggling, not because of current circumstances, but because of what people have said and done to us in the past that is still actively impacting us today.

For some of you it’s that you doubt yourself and your ability to win, so you get so far and then the fear of failure starts to feel almost overwhelming.

Some people I work with don’t feel worthy- of the success they’ve already achieved… the opportunities they have in front of them… that great dog they have who’s capable of so much more (‘if only they had a decent handler’)…

So, if this is you, please listen to me very carefully. It’s time. You have got one life and time is hurtling past. I’m here, holding a hand out to you to help you pull yourself up from where you’re at, to where the view is much brighter. Are you ready to reach out and grab this opportunity??

I’ve an exercise for you to have a go at. It WILL feel counter-intuitive, but it WORKS. I would love it if, instead of thinking ‘she doesn’t know ME’ when I tell you something nice about yourself, you instead think ‘I wonder if she’s right?’ Ask yourself ‘what does she see in me?‘ And go looking for the evidence that I am convinced is there that you- yes YOU- are worth my time and energies to help. Sometimes it’s helpful to see ourselves through another’s eyes- if you need encouragement, I’m here to help you.

So how can I help YOU? Comment or message me, connect DAILY with me and ‘Like’ my Mind to Win page on Facebook, Twitter ‘Mind_To_Win, book yourself onto a webchat with me to kick-start your journey to success, or book a group training day/weekend at your club!

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