Well done!


WELL DONE 7 Deadly Sins Group!!


Let me raise a glass to you right now and congratulate you on getting this far! YOU may not see your achievement, but here it is-

You have ALREADY gone beyond many other competitors in agility (and many in dog sports generally) by recognizing that MINDSET MATTERS to your competitive outcomes! EXCELLENT. This is important.

Beyond that, you’ve done something about it!! You’re here!

I LOVE this work because I get to watch you guys go from wondering if you could ever be different… to being people who look back at who they were and wonder if that person really was them?!

Please get stuck in and comment on each of the pages– after this post, all the 7 Deadly Sins pages you will go to are password protected (you’ll get your personal password with your 21/1/13 email), so get in there and talk to each other! As you comment, you’ll also be getting feedback and suggestions from me as we go along too so make use of it!

I can’t wait to get started working through this with you all- make it a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!!



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