This lie may be standing between you and achieving your goals


Have you been taught this lie??

It’s the one that has you reaching for doughnuts and take-away when your body would benefit from more vegetables… it’s what convinces you to stay in bed rather than get up and give your dog an extra 5 minutes training before work… it’s definitely one way to make sure you never dust off your gym gear…

This lie can even be what gets you to quit: on your dreams, your relationship, your sport…

So yikes, Kathrine, you’re getting a bit serious there. Do you want to back up and explain what you’re on about and why you’re getting all serious on a blog about competing at sports with our furry friends? Sure! Let me explain.

Instant Gratification

We live in a world which encourages us to live for instant gratification- ‘patience’ and ‘self-discipline’ are often pretty much swear words.

It goes something like ‘just do what makes you happy‘… the implication is of course that what makes you happy is naturally the right and best thing for you.

But we know that’s not true! We would never allow our dog to eat the volume of cheese that it would if left to their own devices. More than that, we know from our own personal experience that what is right or good for us is not always pleasant- umm, anyone actually enjoy every day they went to school?? But having an education generally was a good thing for us, miserable though it might have felt at the time.

How many times did you fall off and hurt yourself when learning to ride your bike? And in other matters, as delightful as I might find it to sit down with a giant box of Krispy Kreme flavours and scoff the lot, if I tried to claim that was right for me (because it sure felt good at the time), my pancreas might beg to differ!!

Why this matters in dog sports

This is an unpleasant truth and I know some of you are regretting starting to read it. But I say it with love and encouragement in my heart for you- really! The thing is, as we’ve been basically trained to live disposable lives and expect everything to make us happy all the time (or we’ll quit it), we’re not being trained to excel.

There are going to be days when you don’t feel like training

There are going to be days where getting as fit as you want to be to run agility just feels like a ton of hassle

There are going to be people that you don’t like competing in front of who are going to be by the line

There are going to be handling moves that you or your dog don’t pick up easily and need to work on


At all these points, you will need discipline and possibly also patience, to keep going, and work on what NEEDS done, rather than what you WANT to do.

Doing what NEEDS┬ádone when it goes against what you WANT to do is going to be what makes the difference in those who go the extra distance. It is that extra bit of determination to ignore the nagging voice telling you you’ll do it ‘tomorrow’ or that wants you to quit because ‘you’ll never be able to do it anyway’. It’s what makes you grit your teeth and decide that you are going to risk failing, because you’d rather fail trying than fail to try.

‘Do what makes you happy’ is a really limited and limiting philosophy. Today, I want to encourage you to be better than that, to desire more for yourself than that. I will help you fight the mindset gremlins trying to trip you up, they can absolutely be beaten and YOU can do it.

Now let’s go!