The Mind to Win Days of Christmas- Online Course


The Mind to Win Days of Christmas

12 Mind to Win Days of Christmas  in this online course means 12 individual lessons, immediately available to you, so you can work at your own pace. 

Each lesson has:

*a different focus plus

*applicable questions,

*ideas and case studies

* PLUS DAILY: a practical exercise for you to immediately go and practice.

I’m including proven effective exercises– these are some of the ones my clients have learned from me and told me they’ve used most to develop their own Mind to Win- including clients who’re now competing at Nationals (e.g. UK, US, Canada, CZ, NZ) Olympia, Crufts, and at world levels for multiple countries.

So if you want to finish 2013 strongerThe Mind to Win Days of Christmas is an easy way to start. Online, in your own personalized member’s are of, day or night- read it when it suits YOU!

Some of the topics we’ll talk about in this online course are:

  • How your mouth might be your biggest problem
  • How to be more positive
  • Getting over the fear of failure
  • Developing a better partnership with your doggy team-mate
  • Distractions
  • Focus in competition
  • and much much more!

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I’ve done the work of developing the course, and now it’s over to you. REGISTER NOW to get the Mind to Win Days of Christmas to your inbox and finish 2013 stronger than you started it!

It’s my privilege to help you achieve your goals,


11 Replies to “The Mind to Win Days of Christmas- Online Course”

  1. Partnership with my dogs, getting them to listen in the ring like they do in training! Helping them to overcome vast amounts of excitment at shows. (all part of the same thing i think!)

    1. Fantastic guys, thanks for commenting. I’m sure you’ll find useful exercises to help you with these things and I can tell you that you’re definitely not alone in any of this, far from it, these issues are ones I’ve come across before and I KNOW they can be working through and past!

  2. Would like to work on focus. In the ring when the slightest thing goes less than perfectly I focus on it… rather than the rest of the run! Have just qualified for Crufts so would be great to find a way of overcoming this!

  3. Overcome fear of failure which often prevents me competing at all.
    Putting far too much pressure on me and my dogs to be perfect and have the perfect run

  4. Thanks for all your comments- I’m excited to see how you begin changing all these things as you take what you learn on this course and APPLY it! Here’s to your success!

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