Here’s what some recent participants of Online classes, seminars and Confidence Clinics have to say:

Kathrine has been a guiding force throughout my agility career, keeping me level and cheerleading through tougher times. Her M2W techniques have played a key role in preparing for, competing at and reflecting on big events. I recommend anyone at any level involved in agility to try out Mind to Win, it might just work!

Curt Mullan (Team NI)

Megan says:
I have been doing agility for most of my life. The older I get, the more opportunities for agility to be “un-fun” arise. Mind to Win gave me back the control over that fun. Kathrine reminded me that dreams never die and that I am in control of achieving those dreams. Not only does Mind to Win work (when the skills are applied consistently!), but working with Kathrine is like working with a childhood best friend. She’s kind, supportive, connected, and an all-around good time. I’ve known her less than a year, and feel like I’ve known her my whole life. I can’t express my gratitude to Kathrine in just a few sentences. Kathrine/Mind to Win made competing fun again, gave me permission to fail and to play to my strengths, and gave me back the control to have a good time in agility with fellow competitors, my students, and myself.
Thank you, Kathrine!
Megan Foster & Smack (Team USA)

Since I have started using some of the Mind to Win techniques my working cocker Taya has been a different dog…. so much happier… so much more confident… so much more focused…. both in training and in competition. I have done lots of other workshops but Mind to Win techniques have probably had 10x more impact on our agility than any other workshop. As you can tell I couldn’t recommend it more highly!!

Sally Hayward (England)


Here’s Marie’s feedback from her Goal-Setting for Success journey…

“Things that have changed for me since starting the “goal setting for

No longer obsessed on clear rounds.
More relaxed in the competition ring.
Learned time management skills for life.
No longer beat my self up for making mistakes/ or forgetting things.
Sleeping better.
Can recognise so called friends for sapping me of my positivity.
No longer searching for the miraculous trainer/ or technic to help me advance in the sport I love. I am that person, the answers are within me and my mindset.”


“Thanks for a thoroughly enlightening day!”

Jeannine Smith (USA)


“Thank you for bringing out the best in me!… That amazing feeling of being focused and at one with my dogs is priceless – thank you for helping me achieve my goals with my precious dogs. Can’t thank you enough 🙂 xx”

Gemma Fisher (England)

“I heard about a weekend seminar/practical being held by Kathrine this summer in my area and decided pretty quickly that I had to go. Id got to the stage where I was ‘going through the motions’ with my agility and with various dramas over the years with my dogs, I regularly questioned whether I should keep trying with the sport and held on in the hope that one day I would find success. I was open minded to the concept of ‘mind to win’, but I had no idea what an impact it would make. Since attending, I have changed my attitude to my dogs, agility and those around – Ive never enjoyed my agility so much and if I catch myself doubting my abilities I take a step back and give myself a good talking to! Most people have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other………I have a Kathrine on both! My idea of success has altered, and now that I am enjoying my sport I feel like I have found it. It does require work to keep on track, but its a lot easier than feeling inadequate or worrying what others are saying and having it affect your agility (or life!). Anybody around me in agility knows better than to be negative about their runs – I wont let them out of my sight until Ive got them to be positive about what they just acheived with their dog! Im definately a Mind to Win cheerleader!

Its not just agility that mind to win has improved for me. I have since left a job I was unhappy with and started my own business which has been very successful so far. I deal with day to day issues with a ‘can do’ attitude and dont hang on to things like I used to. I believe in my abilities in all areas of my life and no longer allow people or things to get in the way of that. I plan to do more work with Kathrine and am excited to see where I can go from here. Id recommend Mind to Win to anyone – even if you dont think you need it, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!”

Pauline Sinclair (Scotland)


“What a great 2 days with Mind to Win. We can’t wait until Kat comes back again. Ben Lacy was a blast with teaching us how to stretch and work out. We didn’t even realize how long we had worked out. You don’t want to miss all this when they come back to the US.”

Paws ‘n’ Effect (USA)


I LOVE this story from a 7 Deadly Sins participant- WOW, what changes!! –

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how I’ve been getting on since the 7 deadly sins course in the new year. I’m still seeing my personal trainer, I’m [70 lbs] lighter and completed a 5k run in blistering heat last weekend with no problem and felt I could have gone round again! … [My competing dog] is faster, more focused and completely the same dog as he is out of agility as he is in now. I’m putting that down to my change in attitude and no doubt my greater fitness. I’m still working on the “not being afraid to fail” thing, but I feel I’m taking on more now because I’m not so worried about what others might or might not think. If I want to give it a go, I’m going for it 🙂

I’ve always been rather negative about the whole “self-help” thing. So much seems so cliched and for some reason I always found it hard to relate back to me and what I did/said. However you gave me examples that felt relevant to me, and a few simple things to work on to start. It’s not always been easy, but has been more than worthwhile. So thank you for the butt kicking I needed :)”

Name withheld


“Still on a high from out Mind to Win weekend here in Scotland! It truly was a challenge to organise the event given the timescale! Everyone loved Kathrine and were astounded by the transformations at the confidence clinics! A particular friend of mine who only booked on to the clinic after attending friday evening seminar was in tears (of joy) – She achieved her very first (ever) clear round over a technical agility course! I sat wide-eyed ..I couldnt believe what I was seeing! Just wow! What a life changing weekend…thanks Kathrine!”

Susan Noble (Scotland)


“You helped me gain a world full of confidence and although it has still been much of a hit and miss at times with the [dogs] we have had some great successes in between. I can honestly say that something clicked after our chat & and I can feel it has made the world of difference to the [dogs] too picking up on my “new found confidence”.

Over the… weekend’s Trials they were both so much more relaxed as was I…. most of all, being relaxed about everything seemed to bring a whole new dimension to this sport for me.

It is as you said not a World War and it is as I see it a gift to be able to participate in this sport with my dogs so it is now all about getting out there, having awesome rounds with my [dogs] and hey ho if we mess up so be it but as long as my [dogs] know I love being out there with them that is all that matters to me.”

International client (name withheld)


“Just so you know, YOU make a huge difference to the lives of the people you meet. I know you certainly have mine.”

Daybreak Dog training (England)


“Fabulous Seminar and amazing day with the dogs today…. Did I not say “This will be a ‘real eye opener’ and will change the way you look at competition forEVER!” I really loved seeing everyones transformations and achievements today happening right before our eyes! Yes Kathrine you are a “Cheerleader of Excellence”!”

Susan Noble (Scotland)


“Jet posing with her trophy thanks to Red Dog Agility and Kathrine for the seminar. Felt relaxed and in control today. Well chuffed!!” Morag Mcpherson (Scotland)


“Thank you, a weight I didn’t really realise I’d been carrying has been lifted :)”

Name withheld


“Thanks to Kat McAleese for the Mind To Win Christmas course, worth every penny with lots to think about and consider xx”

Jo Sermon (England)


“Feeling a lot happier taking life as it comes and trying my best to take compliments thanks so much xx”

Nicola Rea (N. Ireland)

“and…. we’ve barked our way all the way into Grade 3 at last! yippeeee – Mind to Win for the Win!”

Coz McLavy (England) 

Thanks to that session some months back your voice was in my head yesterday. And it did make such a difference. I loved it and Bz did too. Thank you so much.

Pauline Weir (N. Ireland)


“I had a great agility weekend, 1st show of the season and a 1st in jumping and a 2nd in agility ..Im over the moon ,a new mindset from now on .. thanks again icon smile Testimonials ”
Louise Roche, Ireland
“I know I have changed my whole attitude since meeting you.  I’m identifying training for each dog and working at my own fitness in a far more positive way than I ever did before.“
Edwina Brown (England)

It’s lovely to have a dog’s personal endorsement… http://noahsdogblog.wordpress.com/ Thanks Hannah!


“Day One of the Mind to Win Goal Setting Bootcamp and the time flew by! We worked hard but managed to have a good giggle along the way with plenty of coffee and cake breaks! Exercises and subsequent discussion provoked a few ohhhhh…… moments along with a few ooooooh….. moments which for me generally precede aha…. moments so I’m off to do my homework now. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!”

Lesley Clements (N. Ireland)

“Very big thanks to Mind to Win Days of Christmas online course I am now about to eat my frog …”

Katie Bristow (England)

“Got 1st (my 1st ever), 4th and 6th yesterday at GT XMAS, up against a few Grade 7 handlers with their younger dogs!!!! Totally chuffed, thanks for the hints you gave me in positive thinking, Dawn x”

Dawn, (England)

“Thank you Mind to Win – you’ve definitely helped Mum – she held her nerve and kept calm and we came 4th overall in the Large Novice ABC yesterday at Discover Dogs and now we’ve qualified for Crufts!!”

‘Henry’ Lyon

“Thank you! Loved your talk today, lots to think about and juggle with (ps cool boots too)”

Sue White (England)

“Mum really enjoyed your talk at the KC seminar yesterday – she’s come back buzzing! Lots of positiveness (is that a word!) for next weekend at DD. Thank you”

 ‘Henry’ Lyon

“Have to say also it was brilliant this weekend. Thank you so much for coming over. I am still buzzing.”

Rebecca Taylor (England)

“Thank you for a great seminar and clinic this weekend. Really enjoyed both, and have taken lots away to put into practice icon smile Testimonials ” –Kath Veale (England)

“Thanks very much for 2 fantastic sessions. I’ve learnt a lot and will be taking loads forward with me.”

Sharron Taylor (England)

“Thank you for an interesting camp, really enjoyed it. I’m sitting here drinking a glass of very nice wine celebrating what a wonderful dog I have AND that I have done a good job training him. Safe journey home Jo xx” Jo Sermon (England)

“Thank you so much, I am very happy- Musto especially is really thriving on my improved focus- he is the biggest challenge as he is sooo tuned into me but I seem to be getting right as he has never been so happy in the ring icon smile Testimonials …”

Tracy Moerel (England)

“It’s hard to explain how much better I feel knowing that I’ve got so much more to work on with my mind and with Pip, but everything is so positive now, (even the poor runs!) Keep up the good work… you can take all the credit for the way I’ve changed.” Edwina Brown (England)

“[I’ve] had a very good training afternoon and everyone went home smiling and happy with their dogs, what a difference the Mind to Win has made on the way they are now thinking and what a difference it has made to me as well, can’t thank Kat enough …”

Angela Carter (England)

“Amazing eye opening weekend! Thanks… to Kathrine for her time and guidance. Never doubted for a second that it would be an excellent experience but it exceeded my expectations!! To all the non-believers – you missed out big time!! ;)”

Pauline Sinclair (Scotland)

“This makes me want to enter competitions!”

“I had the best training day ever…”

Debbie Gilley (England)

“Kathrine helped me realize that I already had all the skills I needed, showed me how to locate them and how to use them in the right context.”
“The Confidence Clinic does exactly this”
  “…talking through things made me realize what I wanted to achieve wasn’t what I thought it was.”
 ”Relevant, practical sessions reinforced the theoretical.“