Start Line Confidence: NEW Online Class!



Have you ever come off a course and just thought ‘ugh’?

That feeling of having let your dog down is horrible, isn’t it? And whether it’s at a small local competition or a national championships, there can just be times that the unwary competitor is caught out by that annoying voice in their head, destroying their focus and making them doubt themselves… you know the one:

‘You’ll never beat… [big name]’

‘You’re too fat/slow/old/short-legged/born on a Tuesday… to get round that tricky section’

‘Ha! You think you’re going to handle it like that?! Don’t make me laugh…’

Right?! You KNOW that voice, and you know what? So do I. And I’ve helped hundreds of competitors just like you to identify and start defeating it.

That’s what Start Line Confidence is all about.

What are we going to work on?


*Increasing your confidence in your abilities

*Silencing that voice that wants you to fail

*PRACTICAL strategies for:

  • walking the course,
  • queueing,
  • distractions (including how to deal with other people distracting you)
  • and MUCH more.

What’s involved?

*4 week Online Class

*Your own private members area where your class materials will be kept together, online, for future reference

*Weekly video

  • with a focus on a specific aspect of your competition day AND
  • how to use it to help you compete at your best

*Daily interaction in our own class Facebook group


TWO  LIVE group coaching calls

  • where I’ll answer your questions
  • offer you suggestions specific to YOU and your dog
  • practical exercises you can immediately begin using.

*Weekly Q&A days in group where we continue our focused work on the week’s topic.

*By doing this we are going to be laser focused on what we’re working on and want to achieve.


Who is this group for? This group is for you if:

*You know your mindset  is letting you down

*You’re ready & willing to change

*You are prepared to put a bit of work in to develop your mindset

*You know that there are no magic wands and no-one else can do the work for you

*You believe your dog deserves a handler who can hold their nerve and you want that to be you!

*You’re up for having a lot of fun while you learn!


This course is NOT for you if:

*You want someone else to do the work for you

*You have no intention of changing

*You think you have nothing to learn.


PLEASE NOTE: Seats in class are highly limited for maximum learning, so please don’t miss out. Register NOW!


SO- if you want to learn and have a LOT of fun doing it, then let’s get you registered!

Class begins Monday April 7th and finishes Monday 5th May.

Sign up NOW!

I can’t wait to work with you!



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Kathrine McAleese, M.S. is the go-to dog sports psychotherapist and a performance coach, speaker, writer and cheerleader of excellence! Her unique talent is helping dog handlers take simple, useable mindset principles to build their confidence and focus so they can compete as well as they train. She has been helping clients reach their dog sport goals since 2005 and, serving dog owners internationally, Kathrine’s seminars, workshops and hugely successful online courses help average and elite competitors alike to get results they can be proud of.


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