Start Line Confidence Online Class 9.14

She's the cutest wee dog- it was all I could do not to bring her on 'holiday' to N. Ireland! ;)

There’s no better feeling than stepping up to compete and knowing that you’re ready to give your best. That feeling of being alive, connected with your canine team-mate, and focused on the performance you’re going to give in the competition ring.

And there is a HUGE buzz to be had from watching yourself develop into that handler, when you once weren’t a vision of calm focus, and perhaps where you’ve been freaking your dog out with your anxious nerves.

I have helped MANY handlers just like you to develop their own Start Line Confidence and this is now your opportunity to join them. Class starts on September 22nd and if you want to develop your own mental prep routine, tailored for YOU. You’ll work alongside handlers from all over the world, in a supportive and FUN environment, and you can work at your own pace.

You even get ONGOING access to your class materials after class ends- no time-limited access on this one!

BUT seats in class are limited, so get your seat before they’re all full!

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Here’s some recent feedback from handlers just like you who’ve taken Mind to Win classes:

Since I have started using some of the Mind to Win techniques my working cocker Taya has been a different dog…. so much happier… so much more confident… so much more focused…. both in training and in competition. I have done lots of other workshops but Mind to Win techniques have probably had 10x more impact on our agility than any other workshop. As you can tell I couldn’t recommend it more highly!!

Sally Hayward 

“Thank you for bringing out the best in me!… That amazing feeling of being focused and at one with my dogs is priceless – thank you for helping me achieve my goals with my precious dogs. Can’t thank you enough :) xx”

Gemma Fisher 

“Thank you, a weight I didn’t really realise I’d been carrying has been lifted :)”

Name withheld

Kathrine has the unique ability to see where each of us is on our separate journeys and to set us in a more positive direction along the way.

Cody Craig

Love how last year’s course is still making a difference to how I face life in general as well as agility.

Brenda Ellen Tenten

If you’re struggling with your agility game then you need to speak to Kathrine at Mind to Win – she’s made all the difference in the world to my life, and not just agility. She’s like your own personal cheerleader, plus she gives you the confidence to cheer for yourself too – what more can I say, she rocks! :)”

Gemma Fisher

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We start on Monday 22nd September- see you there!