Mind to Win Weekends

DSC_4394 - CopyReady for an Agility Training Days with a Difference? 

Want to be able to work under competition pressure and address mental obstacles in the same way you would agility articles on a regular training day? 
If you want to work on the mental side of competing at your best, Mind to Win weekends are a great way to kick-start your journey.
I offer Mind to Win weekends to clubs worldwide, so if your club are ready to step up their agility results and want to work on the vital mental side of performance in our sport, contact me now and let’s make it happen!
Mind to Win Weekend:  
These are full of concentrated, fun training at your club or training facility. They include:
  • 2 hr Mind to Win Seminar- where we lay the foundations of how you can develop a Mind to Win
  • Confidence Clinic- where you work under competition conditions over courses and begin to put what you learned in the seminar into action.
  • Individual attention and specifically targeted exercises for each Confidence Clinic participant
  • Observation of alternate Confidence Clinic (where applicable)
  • ‘Next steps’ de-brief so that each participant leaves with a clear plan for what they will be leaving to work on
  • Limited numbers to maximize individual tailoring.

Book a Mind to Win weekend for your club today!