Individual Performance Coaching

Tired of not giving your best performance in competition?

Want to work on strategies specific to you?

Individual performance coaching can help YOU.

Working together as suits your development, personal coaching is only for those who’re ready to do the work of change in order to achieve their goals.

Whether you’re tired of feeling like you’ve let yourself or your dog down, or you’re ready to take your agility competitiveness to a new level, individual coaching is quality time where we work on your growing edges and moving you towards your goals.

But if you’re someone who wants a magic wand and some guaranteed results without work, I’m not for you.

I’m all about helping people achieve lasting changes to how they compete so when you’re ready to get started achieving that for yourself, you can apply to begin personal coaching by contacting me HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: there is currently a waiting list for personal coaching. Successful applicants will be contacted as places become available. In the meantime, why not take one of my online classes or courses?