Pink Elephants…

“Don’t think about pink elephants…”

What are you thinking about now?

Chances are, it’s the pink elephants! And if I gave you more time to think about them, maybe they’d be parading, or tap-dancing down the street! Because often when we’re trying not to think of something, that becomes the thing that we obsessively think about.


Have you ever tried to give up something in your diet? Say… stop eating crisps or chocolate? What happens when you decide that you’re NOT going to eat those things? Ever noticed how your craving for them becomes all the stronger??

That’s the same thing that can happen in competition- we become so focused on the things we’re trying NOT to think about (the pink elephants) that they become the only thing we CAN think about.

But the solution to that issue is actually right there with you, and in this 1 minute training, I’ll talk you through it.

Watch now:

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Want to go further and get your thoughts helping you?

Our next class starts on Monday 21st March and I’d be delighted to have you be part of it. I don’t take huge numbers of people so you will get plenty of personal attention from me as we get you pushing your mindset saboteurs aside.

To find out more and get your seat in class, please click this link: UPCOMING ONLINE CLASS



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