Pay it Forward!


When I do seminars and online classes, I always invite my clients to PAY IT FORWARD. To tell others what has changed for them having worked with Mind to Win and to SHARE with those they care about the difference that working on your mindset makes.

At some level we all KNOW how essential a part it is of our training, but unfortunately, anything related to the mind is not YET as socially easy to talk about (or accepted) as it really should be.

People will happily talk about and go to a doctor when they feel physically unwell or like their body isn’t working at its best, somehow it’s not YET as natural and ‘normal’ to consult a specialist when you know your mind could use a couple of tweaks- however minor.

So when you TELL your friends what we’ve been working on and how it’s improved things for you, you are LIBERATING others from the LIE that there has to be something ‘wrong’ with you to do mindset work. There IS NOT something wrong with you, you’re HUMAN! None of us are perfect and we can ALL use help to be our best, whether it’s our technical skills or our mindset skills. We need to normalise this, and you telling people that you’ve been working on your mindset might be the thing that helps them do the same. Or indeed helps them get therapy for deeper issues.

If you’re not sure how to tell others-

… you can tell them that it’s an essential part of sport, and ask why they don’t work on it…

… perhaps you might want to remind them that the world’s top class athletes in most sports constantly work on their mindset- even taking their coach with them on tour…

… maybe for you it’s easier to focus on what was going wrong and how it was affecting your dog and point them to how different your dog is now…

… maybe you just want to tell them the fun we have in class and about some of the ‘aha’ moments you’ve had that changed your results…

… even a comment when you share a status can help those you care about start to see how normal a thing this is to talk about and realise that they too can get help when they need it…

Whatever way you choose to do it, please pay it forward. TELL your friends. Help me make it normal for people to get help and improve their mental game. Honour those who have helped you and STOP SHAMING YOURSELF for having sought help!!

YOU are the strong one for knowing you had a weakness, facing it and changing it!

YOU are to be celebrated, so please don’t hide it. Wear it with pride and help others to do the same!

Together we can help people live happier, healthier lives, and today I invite you to partner with me in this movement and pay it forward.

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