Video: Instantly Improve Your Competition Performance

Here’s your training video! Watch it now then come on over to Facebook and let me know what YOU are going to do to apply it TODAY to improve your competition performance!




Just click the link above, watch and take notes! What do you need to change as a result of watching this video? How do you think this will help you and your dog in competition? I’ll be over on Facebook and looking forward to chatting with you about this!

To your success!




 Dr. Kathrine McAleese is the go-to dog sports psychotherapist and a performance coach, speaker, writer and cheerleader of excellence! Her unique talent is helping dog handlers take simple, useable mindset principles to build their confidence and focus so they can compete as well as they train. Serving dog owners worldwide, Kathrine’s seminars, workshops and hugely successful online courses help average and elite competitors alike to get results they can be proud of.

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