Goal Setting for Success

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If you’ve ever thought that goal-setting was not something you were ‘good’ at, let me encourage you. The reason many of us have experienced the frustration and disappointment of not achieving our goals is simply because we’ve never been taught how to set the goals that will work for US. That’s what this class is about.

I will be teaching you the STEP- BY- STEP strategies I have used to teach handlers all over the world and help them go from frustrated to fired up.

What we’ll be covering:

~ The BIGGEST mistake that people make when setting goals.

~ How to set goals that ‘fit’ you

~ What makes goals inspiring and fun to go after

~ What to do when you’re getting close to your goals to avoid self-sabotage

~ Every step in good goal-setting, all broken down into bite-size chunks

~ Review days to help you reinforce and catch up on previous lessons

~ Everything you need to know about how to overcome your doubts and fears as you head towards your goals

~ And MUCH much more…

Class Format:

16 lessons over 12 weeks, starting January 12th, 2015

Personal support at every step along the way in our private Facebook group

Monthly group coaching calls

Weekly Focused Q&A days in group

All lessons kept together conveniently in your personal member’s area

Packed full of practical exercises you can immediately begin using to help you set and achieve your goals in 2015!


Who this class is for:

~ Anyone ready to take their life up a gear and make some changes

~ Anyone ready to learn

~ Anyone fed up of setting goals that never seem to happen

~ Anyone with things they want to achieve in 2015!

Who this class is NOT for:

~ Anyone who has decided they are a failure and always will be

~ Anyone looking for a magic wand

~ Anyone with no intention of doing any work to move towards their goals

~ Anyone who thinks they know it all


If you are ready and willing to get to work with me on your goals, then I am ready to bring you this ‘life-changing’* class.

Sign up and get your seat in class now while registration is still open!



Dr Kathrine McAleese

me with Quill


Dr. Kathrine McAleese is the go-to dog sports psychotherapist and a performance coach, speaker, writer and cheerleader of excellence! Her unique talent is helping dog handlers take simple, useable mindset principles to build their confidence and focus so they can compete as well as they train. Serving dog owners worldwide, Kathrine’s seminars, workshops and hugely successful online courses help average and elite competitors alike to get results they can be proud of.




* ‘Life-changing’ is a term used by previous clients, not me. YOU define your own results and at all times remain responsible for your results. But if you’re willing to work at it, get ready to surprise yourself!


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