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  1. I have been doing agility for 10 years now. I currently am running a 4 year Papillon who is the best I have had and am putting too much pressure on myself and her to win. I need HELP!

    1. Hi Mary Lou! Thanks for reaching out, and kudos for recognising what you’re doing and being open to doing something about it- those are not small things!

      I would love to help you, and your timing is perfect, because Mental Mastery is actually OPEN for registrations this week- and that only happens for a few days each year!!

      In there you’ll get a ton of teaching to help you take the pressure off yourselves and free yourselves up to have the success you want. You’ll get a ton of support from me, not to mention bonus videos (just yesterday I did one on announcer cards: how to use them and why they’re not just for those competing in that event 😉

      I would highly recommend you get in there now so we don’t waste any more time in kicking that gremlin to the side so you and your girl can get back to having fun and becoming the team you dream of being 😀

      Here’s the link to find out more:

      Doors close THIS Sunday, so I hope you’ll jump in and I’ll look forward to helping you end this pressure!

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