Help Your Dog Achieve Their Potential #1: Handling Negative People


Welcome to our Halloween Themed 'Handling Negative People' Training!

Author: Kathrine

Dawson Bee Hi and WELCOME! I'm glad you've registered for our training. Before our call, I have a couple of questions I want you to think about. As you think through these, you may come up with your own questions- GREAT! I want to answer your questions and make sure you get what you need from our time together, so please post your questions on Facebook and I'll do my best to answer them! Have fun with these and I'll 'see' you on 29th October at 6pm BST for our live call!   PRE-COACHING CALL QUESTIONS 1. What do the 'energy-sucking vampires' you face DO that increases your nervousness? 2. What do these 'vampires' SAY? 3. How much of what they do/say is actually what you imagine they're doing or saying? (I'm not saying you're wrong, by the way- just trying to establish how blatant their energy-sucking is! 4. Are there places where these vampires don't show up? 5. When do you feel strongest at defeating them? 6. Are there other people around you who you feel help you to defeat them? 7. What 'tactics' do your 'vampires' use to undermine you? (E.g. distracting you in line/ saying things to un-nerve you/lining up with their cronies around the ring/comparing themselves with you etc etc.) 8. If there were no 'vampires' lurking and waiting to drain you, how would your competition days be different? These questions are just for you to think through on your own- you don't have to share your answers with me or anything, they're just to help you before we even get on our call together. I can't wait to work with you and hear what you achieve as a result of working through this training! To your success, Kathrine She's the cutest wee dog- it was all I could do not to bring her on 'holiday' to N. Ireland! ;)           **PLEASE NOTE: As with ALL Mind to Win classes and trainings, all materials are copyrighted. Your registration entitles one person - you - access to these materials. Please behave with integrity and do not share, duplicate, copy or otherwise broadcast or distribute this training to anyone else. Anyone found to be doing this will have their membership access revoked with immediate effect and without refund.

Workbook: Handling Negative People

Author: Kathrine

Here's your workbook to accompany our live webinar!

Dawson Bee

Vampire Chat Workbook

Please dive in and get to work on the questions- you can do this even before our call, and then can complete other parts with your notes during our time together.

And if you have questions, please head on over to Facebook to ask them during the call and I'll keep answering them for you guys for as long as our time together allows!

See you on 29th!

Kathrine me with Quill


Author: Kathrine

As a special THANK YOU for being so gracious about video technology refusing to play ball, here is a BONUS audio. You can download this and play it on the go. It is a recording I did of our Live Q&A call when we hit 10,000 likes on my page. We cover ALL SORTS of aspects of mental prep and I am purely answering questions posted and asked by people like you. It is not available to buy and is solely for your personal learning. Here's the link, enjoy! Dawson Bee Click on Dawson Bee to listen, or CLICK HERE