Connect both ends of the leash for a great weekend!


OH BOY! I can’t believe how fast I spoke when I was filming this!!! I work really hard to slow down, but clearly I completely forgot all that in this one!! Haha!

Just goes to prove I’m HUMAN, huh? 😉

Because I’m concerned that some of you may struggle to keep up with my speed and accent, I’ve included a transcript below, but I DARE you- watch the video first, and then come over to Facebook and tell me what % of it you understood WITHOUT the transcript! Ok?

Just post the % you managed on my page! Have fun with the video, and if you get stuck, check out the transcript below 😉

Have a GREAT day!








Transcript: Hi guys this is Kathrine McAleese from Mind to Win and here I am again outside, lucky girl, doing one of my so-called Caravan Chronicles but I’m not sure I can call it that when I’m not sitting in the caravan but whatever! I’m calling them it!

I’ve just got a little quick handy hint for you today.

I want you to think about what your best round was.

Every time I ask this question on Facebook, or on my website or in classes, I ask them, “Hey what was the round that sticks in your memory the most, what stands out for you?”

What people say is never the wins, or even if they mention ‘well we won Olympia or we won Crufts or we won Regionals or we won Nationals, we medalled at WAO’, whatever… what they actually go on to talk about is how it felt to work that closely, that connectedly, in such a strong sense of partnership with their dog. And I’m willing to bet that it’s the same for you. What’s interesting about that is that often the most successful runs we have are also the ones we have when we’re most connected.

So my challenge to you for this weekend is to focus on that connection of being your dog’s best partner, of really connecting like you’re a team. Don’t just obsess with your end of the lead, that’s not a machine down there, that’s a living creature that might actually be having a bad day or might just need a little encouragement from you or a little calmness from you. So this weekend I challenge you to focus on your connection and see if the results don’t follow.

Have a great weekend and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye!

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