It’s a badly kept secret that you’re actually amazing…

It is a badly-kept secret that you’re actually amazing. I believe that with every ounce of my being. It’s one thing that gets me bouncing out of bed in the morning and psyched to work out how I can help encourage, motivate and serve you better.

But every now and again I meet someone who just seems to enjoy being miserable. You know the one- they moan. A LOT… their well-paid job actually expects them to log time on a computer that doesn’t involve Facebook… they eat crap then moan about their weight… they drink like a fish then complain about their hangover… they never train and yet complain they’ll never be like [handler’s name]… YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE!! I get them sometimes when I’ve put something really affirming and positive and they come back to tell me why it wouldn’t work for them. I feel gutted for those who’ve been fed that lie and if you’ve ever been the one to post something like that, you know that I can’t always resist the urge to contradict what that nasty voice in your head would have you believe!

At some level, even though these people seem happy in their misery as pigs in poop, they’re not exactly the most productive are they? They’re rarely the most successful and they’re definitely not the ones having the most fun!! They’re the ones who’ll tell you a thousand reasons why they’re helpless and hopeless and make out it’s ok. NO, it’s NOT! You were not put on this earth to  be a victim, to be held down and to keep yourself down.

YOU- yes YOU reading this, you’re amazing. You’re precious, unique and loveable, and there is so much more to you than you know. But I’m going to get specific now for you, so here we go for today’s moment of bashing those mindset gremlin lies that have been holding you back. Are you with me?

Let’s get to it!

You’re an adult. You are responsible for your choices.

For example:

If a food was making you sick AS you ate it, you’d eventually click that this food & you are not friends. The same goes for negative & cynical attitudes. They hurt you at the time, they colour how you see the world, and they bring more of what you’re focused on to you.

TAKE THE HINT- quit those attitudes that are making you sick, weak and powerless. Come on, there is SO MUCH more for you than that.

Start fighting for a better attitude, LOOK for what is already good, start there and FIGHT to have a better attitude. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Here are just some benefits of a positive attitude:

*you’ll be more pleasant to be around- let’s face it, Eeyore was never the life and soul of the party!
*you’ll see more opportunities open to you than you did before

*you’ll get more done

*you’ll be better able to cope with inevitable setbacks along the way

*you’ll actually be better able to achieve more too

*you’ll enjoy life more
*your health will thank you too!

I believe in you. I believe that you can be more than the sum of your current thoughts- particularly if you’ve never been taught how to CHANGE your thoughts and habits! Most people haven’t, you’re not alone, but you have possibility and it is my privilege to serve you and help you surprise even yourself with what you can be and do, with a bit of a work and a positive attitude.

Have a great day!

Kathrine McAleese



You really are more powerful than you think…

In today’s powerful training tip, I’m giving you a twist on a familiar theme around here, that is, the power of WORDS. Today’s video came off the back of a personal experience that morning so as well as taking it as a reminder to myself (‘start with yourself and work outwards!’), I also offer it as a plea and a battle call. I hope that you will join me in my quest…

Click the link below to watch the video

You don’t know how powerful you are

Once you’ve watched it, come on over to Facebook and let me know what stood out for you!

Have a great day,


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Your Past-Future Gremlin is a Liar

If you’ve ever had that little voice in your head saying ‘well you’ve never done it before, what makes you think you can do it in future??’ then this one’s for you. Here’s a super short video with a TOP TIP to help you push through today. Enjoy!!





Book Review: Bear Grylls, ‘A Survival Guide to Life’

From time to time someone will ask me for book recommendations, so I thought it might be helpful if I occasionally did a book review for you. If you find this one useful, do let me know. If they’re not useful, I’ll quit doing them!

Bear fan

I admit from the outset that I am a BIG fan of Bear Grylls- former SAS, now adventurer, Chief Scout and probably most widely known for his TV series’ on Discovery.

He’s one tough cookie, but not in a daft bravado kind of way. There’s a thrill and awe of nature and a humility about him that I like. So, to his book.

A Survival Guide to Life

In short, I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you want to learn about surviving and thriving in the midst of life’s challenges, then this is a GREAT book for you. It’s encouraging and inspiring and peppered with short anecdotes from Bear’s own expeditions and experiences. I read it on my Kindle app and the chapters were short, snappy and to the point. If you’re the sort who reads books armed with a highlighter pen, you’re in for a treat as there are sooo many quotable quotes and mantras for life. Thank God the Kindle app has a highlighter function.

I INHALED this book. It was such an easy read, incredible common sense and yet how many of us actually put these things into action?

Here’s a random quote for you from the final chapter:

‘We are limited only by the extent of our courage, tenacity and vision.’ -Bear Grylls

If you want an inspiring read that is light enough to read on your holidays, but worth taking home with you afterwards, this is a good one for you.


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Training day- SE England- 17th June 2014

• Do you feel that your mindset gets in the way of clear rounds?
• Do you want to know how to deal and bounce back from the inevitable disappointments competitive agility throws you?
• Do you worry about being watched when competiting?
• Do you want to increase your confidence in the ring?

Kelluki Agility are giving you this special chance to work first hand with Kathrine on whatever YOU need to overcome your competition gremlins.

Date:- Tuesday 17th June 2014
Time :- 10am – 4pm
Location :- Broadway Green Farm, Hook Mill Lane, Lightwater, GU18 5SJ
Cost:- £75 or £80 with lunch included

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Places will be secured by payment in full. Money is non-refundable unless a replacement can be found for your place.

For more information and to book, click this link June 2014 Kelluki Mind to win workshop


Here’s an unsolicited testimonial from Sally Hayward, writing to members of the Agilitynet group on Facebook:


“Are you maximising your potential as a partnership? Do you feel that you are both able to do your best work in competition? If the answer to either of these questions is No…. and there is any way you can get to this seminar on Tuesday 17th June I would very highly recommend it. Since I have started using some of the Mind to Win techniques my working cocker Taya has been a different dog…. so much happier… so much more confident… so much more focused…. both in training and in competition. I have done lots of other workshops but Mind to Win techniques have probably had 10x more impact on our agility than any other workshop. As you can tell I couldn’t recommend it more highly!!”

Training day- SE England- 17th June 2014Posted on May 22, 2014 by Jenny Halpin• Do you feel that your mindset gets in the way of clear rounds? • Do you want to know how to deal and bounce back from the…


Go Clear this weekend!


Are you heading away to compete this weekend?

Have you packed everything you need? What about things you DON’T need?

So many of us end up travelling around with all sorts of mindset baggage that really doesn’t help us compete at our best! When our minds are cluttered, it makes it all the harder to run clear, clean and Q!

You know the sorts of things I mean:

fear of failure (or success!)…


worries about recurring injuries…

nagging doubts about your age or lack of long legs, or inability to sprint like Usain Bolt…

inadequacy and the sense that others are better than you…

or that your dog’s siblings are in higher grades than yours and you ‘should’ be doing better…

worries about this person or that person you’re going to see (like that one who INSISTS on talking to you when you’re in line, GRRR)


All these things are cluttering up your brain and are certainly not helping you focus!

So I invite you to set them down, to unpack them, to make a conscious decision that you will not focus on these unhelpful things but will instead turn your focus to what you DO like and DO want to enjoy.

So why do you compete? What do you enjoy about it, or what would you LIKE to enjoy about it?

or was never there to begin with! They find competing stressful but maybe they want to enjoy it, or they have this great dog and they don’t want to let their dog down by quitting, so they come to me. sometimes for many years.

And this my friends is the really good news: you CAN enjoy competing- even under pressure. You CAN let go of the doubts and fears and replace them with a lot more FUN. Do you want to know one of the secrets of success? PASSION. That is- fun, enjoyment, drive- ALL of these combine to help you be successful, sooo the more you actually ENJOY your weekends competing, the more chance you have of giving your best.

That’s not a licence to just party all weekend and not put the work in, by the way, OF COURSE you have to do the work too, BUT enjoying competing, and success are not mutually exclusive concepts! You don’t have to be a nasty person, cold fish or diva to be successful. And actually, if you look at many of the world’s best sportspeople, you will find that in their interviews they are lovely, humble people who can not only look at themselves with balance, but can appreciate the good in those they compete against. Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!

So as you prepare to compete this weekend, have a look at what you’re mentally packing and see if you can’t decide to replace even one of the doubts this weekend with, say, a decision that you will enjoy those precious moments in the ring with your dog. Just give it a go. And let me know how you get on!

Have a great weekend, I’m rooting for you!


photo (2)

It’s all about T.E.C.!


 If you’re a dog agility handler, you know only too well that training the equipment takes time…

hesitant dog on contact


It doesn’t happen by accident that a dog has awesome fast, accurate  and reliable contacts, weaves, or understands all your handling manoeuvres.

It doesn’t happen in a one-off 5 minutes of training.


Getting them to know- and understand- their job, then transitioning to being able to DO their job takes time, effort and consistency.

Generalizing the behaviour takes practice and experience.

Then training them to be their  absolute BEST at contacts takes further work…

Training your brain so you can give your best in competition is no different.

You don’t accidentally have a perfect competitive mindset, bomb-proof in any situation.

It doesn’t happen with 5 minutes of training, once. It is not something that is never to be practiced and repeated.

And excellence takes more TIME, EFFORT and CONSISTENCY than merely learning the nuts and bolts of what you ‘should’ do.

You wouldn’t go to a training weekend, teach your dog basics of contacts and think that was the end of the story. Worse yet,

you wouldn’t go and WATCH a seminar and think you and your dog now were ready to compete at your best, without actually putting in the work yourself!!

Psychological training is the same. Yes there are things you will need to learn, but more than that, you’re going to have to do the work.

And that’s good news, because it means that YOU can improve!!


So if your mental style in competition is like the doubtful pooch above…

Don’t feel bad that you need help with this side of your agility– that just means you’re NORMAL!


You wouldn’t hesitate to get training on technical  details, and this is truly no different. YOU can learn how to do your best in competition and you will with T.E.C.- Time, Effort and Consistency!

Here’s to you as you work on both your technical skill AND your mindset preparation so you can give your BEST with the dog you love!



photo (2)

Mind to Win Summer Camp 2013




522870_10152183082530457_1969595160_nWhat: Mind to Win Summer Camp 2013: Mind~Ready, Body~Set, GO!

When: 2-3 August 2013

Where: The Patch, Ballyrainey Rd, Comber, N. Ireland

*How to improve your confidence and be YOUR best on course

*How to handle distractions

*Compete confidently in other countries and on ‘big’ occasions.

*Practical exercises you can use immediately, designed for YOU & your dog.

*A FUN, safe environment to learn in.

To register, click HERE.


NEW this year

BONUS– fitness trainer Ben Lacy will be running a workshop on improving your movement round courses.

You will learn:

*warm ups & cool downs for agility;

*how you can move more efficiently around courses;

*exercises that can improve muscle strength & could help you prevent injuries.

Ben Lacy has 12 years experience of military-style fitness training, & is currently a Level 2 fitness instructor, qualified to teach kettle bells & boot camp; first aid trained (though hopefully he won’t have to demonstrate these skills!); & REPS insured. I am delighted that Ben is bringing his expertise to camp!

Register Now!

Only £60 which includes:
*Friday night seminar, tailored to participants
*Saturday Confidence Clinic working over equipment, addressing confidence/nerves issues as they
arise. Includes the opportunity to prepare for upcoming international competitions.
*Human fitness workshop by Ben Lacy.
*Next steps workshop.
*Free camping.
*Discounts on show entry fees for Sunday 4th August Unaffiliated show. ( MTW show schedule 2013/Entry Form MTW show 8.13)


SPACES ARE LIMITED and are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you cannot pay online, please use the Contact Me page to make other arrangements but please note that bookings are not finalized until payment is made. 

See you there!

Register TODAY