One thing that kills your confidence…


Today I want to talk to you about something near to my heart. It’s something that I watch killing people’s confidence on a regular basis. What is it?

It is a small view of self – a ‘quick fix’ mentality- that leads people to seeking instant fixes, rather than investing in themselves.

You know- or you should know if you’ve been around me for more than five minutes!- that I genuinely care that each of you realizes your potential. I think the world of my clients and I want each of you to reach your goals and then surprise yourself by going beyond them. I wish for each of you to live lives that currently you only dream of. And more than that, I passionately believe that many of us don’t even recognise how much potential we have, and

it is our small view of ourselves ends up limiting us, rather than the ‘lack of ability’ we attribute it to.

Every single Mind to Win service is focused around helping you make the lasting changes you want. But that’s it- LASTING change. Not quick fixes.

Many people seek quick fixes– they want to sit through a seminar, attend a training, etc. and then come away magically different. They don’t believe in themselves enough to do the work that follows.

They don’t have the confidence and self-belief to trust the process and keep working at it in the sure knowledge that they will improve.

They’ll go to another seminar the next week, train with another person and repeat, sometimes for years- without making the significant changes that they might have done had they only taken time to not only LEARN but then DO SOMETHING with what they learned.

This is a confidence killer, because you see that you’ve gone to all these trainings but aren’t making significant improvements in your training, so you feel like a failure. Worse, perhaps things seem to be going backwards for you. You also feel like a failure because you KNOW what you ‘should’ be doing- you know all the theory, but you’re not following through on it. And that knocks your confidence still further.

Now before you get all angry at me or think I’m saying you shouldn’t train with lots of different people, hang on. What I’m saying is that if you don’t take time to WORK on what you’ve learned, you’re wasting your money. Don’t kid yourself, lasting change takes EFFORT- on your part, not just the person training you!! 

And what saddens me is I see people doing this and it’s not that they’re lazy, or don’t want to learn- obviously they do or they wouldn’t go to so many trainings!- no, it’s just that

no-one’s suggested to them that they take time to process what they’ve learned, work out where it fits into what they already know, and then work out a plan for how to incorporate the useful bits as they move forward. 

(Sometimes it’s also that they essentially need to fail to reassure themselves that they actually are the dreadful failure of a person that deep down they think they are… but that’s another story for another day.)

So that’s what I’m doing- I’m saying that for some of you, you don’t need to learn more, you need to PRACTICE and WORK on what you already know! This will make some of you really uncomfortable to read, but for some of you, I know this is exactly what you need to hear to release you from an endless cycle of knowledge accumulation! 

I am committed to helping as many of you develop and live into your potential as I can, and I believe in you.

Today I’m calling you to believe in you too! PROTECT the confidence you have and DEVELOP more by learning, then DOING something with what you’ve learned. 

Decide TODAY to stop selling yourself short by settling for the ‘quick fix’ mentality!

I’m here to help you make lasting changes that make a difference to YOU!


Winner or whiner?


girl with balloons

Do you have the language of a WINNER or a WHINER?

When was the last time you listened to a post-match interview? Listen to the interviews given by champions, versus those who’re not. I’m talking about those people who have a habit of getting it right and winning on big occasions.

I’m not focusing on the ones who haven’t made it- or haven’t made it yet. But I want you to have a think about how ‘champions’ talk.

Listen closely and they’ll talk about what they did well, and perhaps something that they need to tighten up on. They won’t (generally) spend their time whining about their equipment, the weather, judgement calls or on other ‘victim’ talk. They’ll talk about their performance and both what they liked, AND what they can improve.

So what about you? Do you have the language of a champion or do you use your air time to tell anyone who’ll listen about how unfair the result was, and give them all the excuses of the day? Are you whining about what’s done, or working on improving for what’s next?

This one thing has the power to change how some of you compete for good. Words have power, so be careful that you use yours to build yourself up, learn and move on. Please my friends don’t give in to ‘victim’ talk, it totally disempowers you and makes you sit back from doing what you can to make things better. Be more! Get active and DO something to get it right next time- don’t give in to a victim mentality and whiner- mouth!

Have the mouth of a WINNER, not a WHINER!

Well done!


WELL DONE 7 Deadly Sins Group!!


Let me raise a glass to you right now and congratulate you on getting this far! YOU may not see your achievement, but here it is-

You have ALREADY gone beyond many other competitors in agility (and many in dog sports generally) by recognizing that MINDSET MATTERS to your competitive outcomes! EXCELLENT. This is important.

Beyond that, you’ve done something about it!! You’re here!

I LOVE this work because I get to watch you guys go from wondering if you could ever be different… to being people who look back at who they were and wonder if that person really was them?!

Please get stuck in and comment on each of the pages– after this post, all the 7 Deadly Sins pages you will go to are password protected (you’ll get your personal password with your 21/1/13 email), so get in there and talk to each other! As you comment, you’ll also be getting feedback and suggestions from me as we go along too so make use of it!

I can’t wait to get started working through this with you all- make it a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!!



Gratitude- what are you thankful for today?

Gratitude. Here’s why it’s a crucial part of your Mind to Win.


Today, I want to encourage you to adopt an attitude of gratitude. I know it might sound sickly sweet and a little too saccharine for your ever-so-cool tastes, but it’s NOT. It’s infinitely practical, pragmatic and ESSENTIAL to your Mind to Win.


It’s a matter of energizing or draining yourself.

When you focus on negatives, you drain your energy. And when you focus on positives, you INCREASE your energy!

We’ve all been around people (and probably, like me, you’ve had days where you’ve BEEN that person!) you know the ones- people who’re just negative and everything they see is wrong and messed up and that’s all they can talk about. The sort of people who’re never happy unless they have something to be miserable about- and I’m not talking genuine problems, they’ll moan about the car parking at a show, not enough ketchup on their hot dog, lack of soap in the portaloos… you know the folks I mean!

Do you come away from those people energized and ready to take on the world? NO, you don’t!! You probably try to avoid them like the plague.

The opposite is true as well. We all enjoy being around people who’re energized and positive and ready to take on the day they have (whether it’s the one they wanted or not).

The important part is NOT the circumstances but the ATTITUDE to your circumstances.

You have the power to energize and inspire yourself- and others- TODAY by being determined that there is a heck of a lot of good stuff going on in your life and your sport- agility or anything else you’re working on. You might not be where you want to be, but you’re not done working for it yet! WHOO HOO!

By choosing to find things you already have that you’re grateful for, you add energy to yourself to go after what you haven’t yet achieved. 

Can you hear the difference? Can you feel the difference? Is your energy rising as you look for the positives in your life?? This is a crucial strategy for becoming your best.

Come on over to Facebook and tell me one thing today that YOU are thankful for!

I am THANKFUL FOR YOU. I believe in you and am privileged to help you work to achieve your goals!

Let’s MAKE this a fantastic day,



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Going Wrong- let me show you how!

Today I want to talk a little bit about going wrong.

Sometimes people are so afraid of making a fool of themselves, that it holds them back in case they get it wrong and look stupid.

Today I want to encourage you to go for it. Life wildly- there is actually something liberating about being able to make a complete goofball of yourself and laugh about it. When we take ourselves or life sooo seriously, we can lose sight of this, so let me encourage you to try being ok with the possibility of going wrong and it being alright. When you go wrong, all you’re doing is proving that you’re human! Congratulations- you’re normal!! And someone nearby might need to see someone else surviving going wrong so they have the courage to try something for themselves.

To that end, as promised, here’s one of my ‘going wrong’ moments!  I was doing this video for the site to share a little bit of what I’ll be covering in the Mind to Win Days of Christmas online course. Now let me preface it by saying for those of you who don’t know me personally: I am VERY passionate about this work- I LOVE it beyond words and it is literally what wakes me up before my alarm, PSYCHED to face the day and get on with it. I am also from N. Ireland and we have quite the accent, and speak at a rate of knots. This is one of my growing edges and slowing down is something I work really hard on in the rest of my videos…

I’m sharing this video, because here is where my passion and excitement totally took off at a meteoric pace! If you can’t follow all the words, at least grab the sentiment and see if you can count how many times I actually draw breath!!!

I PROMISE YOU that I speak waaaay slower in the other videos I’ll ever release to you, but when I saw this I just laughed at myself and I wanted to share it with you today to remind you that it’s ok to get things wrong and as long as you learn from it, it may actually be the best thing that could happen to you right now!

Have a great day and I hope this has encouraged you to be ok with ‘going wrong’ (and possibly reminded you to draw breath!!!)


Watch the video HERE:  Excitement runs away with me!

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I’m including proven effective exercises– these are some of the ones my clients have learned from me and told me they’ve used most to develop their own Mind to Win- including clients who’re now competing at Nationals (e.g. UK, US, Canada, CZ, NZ) Olympia, Crufts, and at world levels for multiple countries.

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Some of the topics we’ll talk about in this online course are:

  • How your mouth might be your biggest problem
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  • Distractions
  • Focus in competition
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Chill out- For your dog’s sake!

On Facebook recently, I asked you guys what was one thing your dog would tell me about your performance if  they could.

The overwhelming response was that they’d tell you to chill out, take a chill pill, or take a bigger chill pill!!

So if you’re one of those whose dogs would like them to chill out in competition, this one’s for you, with love.

Having a Mind to Win involves being aware of where your strengths are and where your growing edges are. You need to know both.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we ‘should’ do to ‘get things right’ that we end up behaving like a different handler and our poor dogs are left going- whoa there, what’s up with you?! 

In this super short video, I have a couple of questions for you, designed to get you thinking. Sorry if you’re looking for a magic wand- I don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’ my friends, YOU are the expert on your life so only you can work out exactly what’s going on for you. I am here to help you, then you have to take the baton I’m passing and run with it!

This is a first step in getting precise about what’s holding you back from giving your best. Once we know what’s going on for YOU (not your friends, coach or anyone else- YOU), THEN we can start using individually tailored solutions to get you achieving the chill yet psyched persona your dog is probably more used to seeing (or would like to see!!!)

When you’ve watched the video, COMMENT BELOW- let me know where your dog notices the nerves kicking in! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Watch the video here: A mental chill pill!

Comment below and let me know when your dog notices you getting nervous!

Have a great day!


Mind to Win Playlist 10/12| Songs that get you psyched for Success!

Since you guys came up with such an AMAZING playlist yesterday… Today I’ve gathered together the list of those songs some of you gave me that are your get-fired-up songs. These are the songs you said were guaranteed to get you psyched and ready to win- in whatever area of life you’re aiming for success that day. I think this is the sort of list we should update from time to time, what do you think?!

Don’t worry if you didn’t get to add yours- comment below and let me know what your psyching-up song is so I can add it to our playlist.

And if you want to buy any/all of these- has them all (I know because I had to find a couple of them that were new to me!)

Enjoy! And don’t forget to tell me what your song is!


Mind to Win Playlist October 2012 (as voted by you):

  • Bonkers- Dizzee Rascal
  • Start Me Up- Rolling Stones
  • Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine
  • Janie’s got a Gun- Aerosmith
  • Sexy and I know it- LMFAO
  • Charlie Brown- Coldplay
  • My Redeemer Lives- Nicole C. Mullen
  • We Built this City- Starship
  • Basket Case- Green Day
  • Jump- Van Halen
  • Monster- The Automatic
  • Every Little Thing she does is Magic- The Police
  • Firework- Katy Perry
  • Waiting for my Chance to Come- Noah and the Whale
  • Rocky theme tune
  • Basement Jaxx
  • Somebody that I used to Know- Gotye
  • The Edge of Glory- Lady Gaga
  • Don’t Stop the Party- PitBull
  • I got a Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
  • Numb- Linkin Park

Add your song below and I’ll periodically update our Playlist for awesomeness!

You’re not a lemon… (and why this is good news for your success)

How’s your day going?

Really. I’m genuinely asking- how are you doing? Ever feel like one of life’s lemons?

I have taken clients from negligible self-esteem and some who’ve been at the point of quitting to where they’re now competing in major finals (including WINNING top spot!) and regularly experiencing personal successes, both in competition and around the training/competitive environment where people used to distract them or destroy their confidence. I am constantly helping people become more positive about their skills and performance and whaddayaknow, they’re becoming more successful at achieving their goals!


Some of us though are struggling, not because of current circumstances, but because of what people have said and done to us in the past that is still actively impacting us today.

For some of you it’s that you doubt yourself and your ability to win, so you get so far and then the fear of failure starts to feel almost overwhelming.

Some people I work with don’t feel worthy- of the success they’ve already achieved… the opportunities they have in front of them… that great dog they have who’s capable of so much more (‘if only they had a decent handler’)…

So, if this is you, please listen to me very carefully. It’s time. You have got one life and time is hurtling past. I’m here, holding a hand out to you to help you pull yourself up from where you’re at, to where the view is much brighter. Are you ready to reach out and grab this opportunity??

I’ve an exercise for you to have a go at. It WILL feel counter-intuitive, but it WORKS. I would love it if, instead of thinking ‘she doesn’t know ME’ when I tell you something nice about yourself, you instead think ‘I wonder if she’s right?’ Ask yourself ‘what does she see in me?‘ And go looking for the evidence that I am convinced is there that you- yes YOU- are worth my time and energies to help. Sometimes it’s helpful to see ourselves through another’s eyes- if you need encouragement, I’m here to help you.

So how can I help YOU? Comment or message me, connect DAILY with me and ‘Like’ my Mind to Win page on Facebook, Twitter ‘Mind_To_Win, book yourself onto a webchat with me to kick-start your journey to success, or book a group training day/weekend at your club!

And if I’ve been helpful to you, will you help me to help others too? Please direct them to this site and to my Facebook- we all know people who could do with a little encouragement!


F is for… Failure, Focus and FLIP ME where did that chasm come from?!

I love snowboarding. I’m also horrible at it!! That’s not me being negative, by the way,  it’s a statement of fact! I’m tentative, wobble like a child’s toy, and leave face-plant and butt-plant marks all the way down whichever mountain I’m on! And I love it.

When Ben and I went to Bulgaria in January we had a blast. He’s one of those sickening people who’s naturally good at it. I, meanwhile, sprained my ankle on day 2, but that’s another story! It didn’t exactly stop me from strapping on a board and hitting the slopes. The trouble was though, that I was holding back (partly in pain and partly being a wuss) and Ben became MY coach trying to work out how to stop me overthinking it. A therapist over-analysing? Imagine. 

The solution we came up with? Ipod. I would have a music-filled rather than thought-filled mental commentary. I’d crank the tunes and just get on with it…

This worked really well at helping me get to where I was on an instinctive/feel setting in my brain, not quite auto-pilot yet perhaps, but definitely more productive than how I had been approaching it. Since I was no longer filled with blind panic, over-thinking it or obsessing over what could go wrong (sound familiar, anyone?), I was actually able to do a better job– my best, even. I don’t think I’ll be aiming for Olympic try-outs any time soon, but I was able to give MY current best when I got my head straight!  So here’s how it played out… I should add at this point in case you don’t know, that I’m a singer…

Picture the scene… Wide open empty pistes… Ben leaving me eating his powder as he sped off… And me singing my heart out as I tootled down the mountain, absolutely loving it! He would tell you that he’d get so far ahead, wonder if perhaps I’d crashed or got lost… and then he’d hear this wee voice singing away and know I was ok and eventually going to catch up! Haha!

Granted you may not have time, breath or inclination to sing as you compete (though you’d probably distract a few people if you broke out in song whilst queuing!). But there is definitely something to be said for allowing the performance to happen, trusting the training and hard graft that’s prepared you for the moment. We don’t learn when we’re panicked and we can’t give our best when our brain’s pumping cortisol!

And there’s another useful lesson I’ve learned on my snowboarding adventures…

Where you LOOK is where you’ll GO.

Your body will follow where your eyes look!

So if you don’t want to launch yourself into that chasm down the side of the run, don’t look at it!! Look where YOU WANT to go!

I bet you have a good idea already how this might apply to your training and competing… what is it for you??

Obsessing over a contact?

Weave entry making you worry?

Doubtful your dog will hold their wait?

These can all be chasms– and the worst thing you can do is focus on them!!

What’s your personal ‘chasm’? Or does it change each time? Let me know by commenting below!