I don’t feel like it!

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There are many things we know we should do and yet don’t… often times because we don’t FEEL like doing them.

This can be a way that we limit ourselves- we only do what we FEEL like doing, at any given moment. Yet, we know logically, that sometimes the very thing we need to be doing is something that we frankly just don’t want to. And that is where discipline comes in.

I know it’s practically a dirty word these days, but discipline is when we do what we know needs done, regardless of how we feel about it. It’s what helps us achieve our goals, because honestly, no matter how badly you want something, there are going to be times on your journey towards it when you absolutely DO NOT want to take the step you need to. Call it fear, call it tiredness, call it laziness, call it whatever you want, but we ALL have times when teeth-gritted discipline is what is required.

*You won’t always want to train- especially when you or your dog are struggling to pick up a new handling maneuver.

*Eating healthily when your favourite treats are on the go is going to take a decision to go against what you ‘feel’ like doing!

*Getting enough sleep or staying sober when there’s a party going on, so you’re fresh for that qualifier in the morning… yeah, that might take some discipline too…

*Knowing when your dog has had enough and stopping, rather than keeping training because of YOUR anxiety- that takes discipline.

*Ignoring someone who’s trying to wind you up and distract you rather than giving them a piece of your mind… once again, what you *feel* like doing and what you do are two different things.

And the great news is- you have already succeeded in being disciplined in MANY other circumstances, so you can do it again! You HAVE experience of being disciplined…

*Unless you’re a psychopath, at some point you learned that taking out your frustrations and hitting people didn’t end well for you, so you learned to reign in the impulse to hit

*You learned that you really do need to sleep, so even if you don’t get enough sleep, you have grown out of the ‘5 more minutes’ routine you used to use on your chosen parent.

*You have learned to buy food or there won’t be any in the house.

*You know to turn up at work when you’re supposed to- regardless of how you feel about it!


Simple things, you might say, but still evidence of your ability to develop discipline, and in spectacularly mundane circumstances. Now we just need to generalize your behaviour to things you actually enjoy and want to do your best at.


At times we are GOING to have to go BEYOND what we ‘feel’ like doing. Whether it’s training our dogs, ourselves, eating healthily, getting to bed at a decent hour, not cheating on our partners, behaving responsibly financially, turning up to work, or WHATEVER area of life you want to think about, there are ALWAYS going to be times where what we want RIGHT NOW is there in front of us and we have to choose between that and what we want MOST.

Of course, that means we need to have a clear idea of what we want most, and I have a whooole class on that coming up in the new year for you, but my point is: if you want to achieve your goals, let alone your dreams, there are going to be times when you have to over-rule what you ‘feel’ like doing now, in favour of what you know you should do right now. And that is ok.

Sometimes we forget that when a thought or feeling pops into our head, we actually have a choice what to do with it– we don’t have to follow every single one!

You’re not a robot, so choose: what you feel like doing right now or what you feel like achieving ultimately.

I’m writing this as a blog rather than just to my 7 Deadly Sins class because I know this is going to be an ‘aha’ moment for some of you- encouraging you that you CAN choose to ignore a feeling or go against the crowd. You can do it! So take those dreams, sprinkle them with discipline and watch what happens!

Let me know how you’re getting on and please share it with anyone you think might benefit.

Thanks for reading, it is my pleasure to encourage you to be more!


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