Get out of your comfort zone!


We all like to be comfort-able, right? A lot of us also want to improve… and to do that we’re going to have to go BEYOND what we’re ABLE to do in COMFORT and do things that will make us un-comfort-able, at least temporarily (or permanently if you’re committed to continually pushing yourself!)

That might sound like a bummer to you, but it’s actually good news- it’s the flip-side of what your brain naturally tries to do, which is to maintain homeostasis i.e. your current ‘normal’ comfort setting, ability and status quo. It’s one very good reason why you get the temptation to quit during workouts when it feels like you cannot possibly do one more rep. When you ignore that voice and keep going, you find that your body actually CAN do significantly more than your brain was comfortable with. Because your brain’s job is not to stretch you but to maintain the current status. It’s very good at that job, and that’s why going beyond what you are ABLE to do in COMFORT- what is ‘comfortable’ to you- takes mental, never mind physical effort.

There’s a saying that the very definition of madness is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result- yet at times we’ve all done it!! But CHANGE and PROGRESS come when we push ourselves, BEYOND the comfort-able, when we let our biological brain have a bit of a huff and grumble, before getting to work adjusting us to our NEW normal! So let’s give our bodies a chance to show off by doing those extra reps… our brain will take the hint.

How about in a dog sport context? You’ll be inciting change when you take your handling from training to the competition ring in spite of that voice in your brain screaming ‘that’s not what we usually do!!!!’ or that little inner worry-wart saying ‘but what if you go wrong? It’s SAFER to do it our usual way…’ YOU can decide to doubt your doubts and explore what you’re ACTUALLY capable of, and you’lldo this when you get un-comfort-able.

Staying in your comfort zone is a sure-fire way to lose momentum. It WILL discourage you and it WILL corrode whatever self-esteem and confidence you possess. Because you’ll not be standing still- you’ll be falling behind. All the time that you’re lounging in your comfort zone, others are getting un-comfort-able.

And un-comfort-able means growing in skill and confidence.

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Ready to take the next step in getting un-comfort-able? 2 Go for it!


One thing that kills your confidence…


Today I want to talk to you about something near to my heart. It’s something that I watch killing people’s confidence on a regular basis. What is it?

It is a small view of self – a ‘quick fix’ mentality- that leads people to seeking instant fixes, rather than investing in themselves.

You know- or you should know if you’ve been around me for more than five minutes!- that I genuinely care that each of you realizes your potential. I think the world of my clients and I want each of you to reach your goals and then surprise yourself by going beyond them. I wish for each of you to live lives that currently you only dream of. And more than that, I passionately believe that many of us don’t even recognise how much potential we have, and

it is our small view of ourselves ends up limiting us, rather than the ‘lack of ability’ we attribute it to.

Every single Mind to Win service is focused around helping you make the lasting changes you want. But that’s it- LASTING change. Not quick fixes.

Many people seek quick fixes– they want to sit through a seminar, attend a training, etc. and then come away magically different. They don’t believe in themselves enough to do the work that follows.

They don’t have the confidence and self-belief to trust the process and keep working at it in the sure knowledge that they will improve.

They’ll go to another seminar the next week, train with another person and repeat, sometimes for years- without making the significant changes that they might have done had they only taken time to not only LEARN but then DO SOMETHING with what they learned.

This is a confidence killer, because you see that you’ve gone to all these trainings but aren’t making significant improvements in your training, so you feel like a failure. Worse, perhaps things seem to be going backwards for you. You also feel like a failure because you KNOW what you ‘should’ be doing- you know all the theory, but you’re not following through on it. And that knocks your confidence still further.

Now before you get all angry at me or think I’m saying you shouldn’t train with lots of different people, hang on. What I’m saying is that if you don’t take time to WORK on what you’ve learned, you’re wasting your money. Don’t kid yourself, lasting change takes EFFORT- on your part, not just the person training you!! 

And what saddens me is I see people doing this and it’s not that they’re lazy, or don’t want to learn- obviously they do or they wouldn’t go to so many trainings!- no, it’s just that

no-one’s suggested to them that they take time to process what they’ve learned, work out where it fits into what they already know, and then work out a plan for how to incorporate the useful bits as they move forward. 

(Sometimes it’s also that they essentially need to fail to reassure themselves that they actually are the dreadful failure of a person that deep down they think they are… but that’s another story for another day.)

So that’s what I’m doing- I’m saying that for some of you, you don’t need to learn more, you need to PRACTICE and WORK on what you already know! This will make some of you really uncomfortable to read, but for some of you, I know this is exactly what you need to hear to release you from an endless cycle of knowledge accumulation! 

I am committed to helping as many of you develop and live into your potential as I can, and I believe in you.

Today I’m calling you to believe in you too! PROTECT the confidence you have and DEVELOP more by learning, then DOING something with what you’ve learned. 

Decide TODAY to stop selling yourself short by settling for the ‘quick fix’ mentality!

I’m here to help you make lasting changes that make a difference to YOU!