You’re not a lemon… (and why this is good news for your success)

How’s your day going?

Really. I’m genuinely asking- how are you doing? Ever feel like one of life’s lemons?

I have taken clients from negligible self-esteem and some who’ve been at the point of quitting to where they’re now competing in major finals (including WINNING top spot!) and regularly experiencing personal successes, both in competition and around the training/competitive environment where people used to distract them or destroy their confidence. I am constantly helping people become more positive about their skills and performance and whaddayaknow, they’re becoming more successful at achieving their goals!


Some of us though are struggling, not because of current circumstances, but because of what people have said and done to us in the past that is still actively impacting us today.

For some of you it’s that you doubt yourself and your ability to win, so you get so far and then the fear of failure starts to feel almost overwhelming.

Some people I work with don’t feel worthy- of the success they’ve already achieved… the opportunities they have in front of them… that great dog they have who’s capable of so much more (‘if only they had a decent handler’)…

So, if this is you, please listen to me very carefully. It’s time. You have got one life and time is hurtling past. I’m here, holding a hand out to you to help you pull yourself up from where you’re at, to where the view is much brighter. Are you ready to reach out and grab this opportunity??

I’ve an exercise for you to have a go at. It WILL feel counter-intuitive, but it WORKS. I would love it if, instead of thinking ‘she doesn’t know ME’ when I tell you something nice about yourself, you instead think ‘I wonder if she’s right?’ Ask yourself ‘what does she see in me?‘ And go looking for the evidence that I am convinced is there that you- yes YOU- are worth my time and energies to help. Sometimes it’s helpful to see ourselves through another’s eyes- if you need encouragement, I’m here to help you.

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F is for… Failure, Focus and FLIP ME where did that chasm come from?!

I love snowboarding. I’m also horrible at it!! That’s not me being negative, by the way,  it’s a statement of fact! I’m tentative, wobble like a child’s toy, and leave face-plant and butt-plant marks all the way down whichever mountain I’m on! And I love it.

When Ben and I went to Bulgaria in January we had a blast. He’s one of those sickening people who’s naturally good at it. I, meanwhile, sprained my ankle on day 2, but that’s another story! It didn’t exactly stop me from strapping on a board and hitting the slopes. The trouble was though, that I was holding back (partly in pain and partly being a wuss) and Ben became MY coach trying to work out how to stop me overthinking it. A therapist over-analysing? Imagine. 

The solution we came up with? Ipod. I would have a music-filled rather than thought-filled mental commentary. I’d crank the tunes and just get on with it…

This worked really well at helping me get to where I was on an instinctive/feel setting in my brain, not quite auto-pilot yet perhaps, but definitely more productive than how I had been approaching it. Since I was no longer filled with blind panic, over-thinking it or obsessing over what could go wrong (sound familiar, anyone?), I was actually able to do a better job– my best, even. I don’t think I’ll be aiming for Olympic try-outs any time soon, but I was able to give MY current best when I got my head straight!  So here’s how it played out… I should add at this point in case you don’t know, that I’m a singer…

Picture the scene… Wide open empty pistes… Ben leaving me eating his powder as he sped off… And me singing my heart out as I tootled down the mountain, absolutely loving it! He would tell you that he’d get so far ahead, wonder if perhaps I’d crashed or got lost… and then he’d hear this wee voice singing away and know I was ok and eventually going to catch up! Haha!

Granted you may not have time, breath or inclination to sing as you compete (though you’d probably distract a few people if you broke out in song whilst queuing!). But there is definitely something to be said for allowing the performance to happen, trusting the training and hard graft that’s prepared you for the moment. We don’t learn when we’re panicked and we can’t give our best when our brain’s pumping cortisol!

And there’s another useful lesson I’ve learned on my snowboarding adventures…

Where you LOOK is where you’ll GO.

Your body will follow where your eyes look!

So if you don’t want to launch yourself into that chasm down the side of the run, don’t look at it!! Look where YOU WANT to go!

I bet you have a good idea already how this might apply to your training and competing… what is it for you??

Obsessing over a contact?

Weave entry making you worry?

Doubtful your dog will hold their wait?

These can all be chasms– and the worst thing you can do is focus on them!!

What’s your personal ‘chasm’? Or does it change each time? Let me know by commenting below!


I’m off to the roof with a can of Red Bull!


Wow, did you SEE what Felix Baumgartner did this week?!

That’s it, I’m off to go one better, bring on the Red Bull (it really does give you wings)…

Nah, not really. See, he’s SPECIAL. I could never do anything so outrageous/brave/crazy/successful (pick your own adjective).

OTHER PEOPLE can win world championships. I could never do that. They’re brilliant, look at all the mistakes I make, I can’t even… [fill in the blank]. Sound familiar?

… and so we limit our possibility. We stifle our potential because we stop dreaming big. We give up our potential when we talk ourselves down, or- like many of you were commenting on Facebook this week- you have other people who’ve had free rein to put you down. And when you hear that often enough, it corrodes your soul, huh?

But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve lost your agility mojo, or it’s not fun anymore, maybe you’re  ready to quit…   or you just feel like your agility training has plateaued and your not able to break through to the next level, don’t despair and DO NOT GIVE UP.

These times are mental strength training and they will serve you if you keep going! Use the MUTE button when you have to- whether it’s to drown out others or to silence the inner critic in your own head. My clients again and again come up against this inner critic and time and again they not only silence it, but they DEFY it and do what it tells them they can’t. And there is no reason at all why you can’t join them in that success. It’s your choice and yours alone. So what do you reckon? Do you want to give it a go?

I hope so- I can’t wait to help you experience SUCCESS!


Would you ever just SHUT UP?!

…Ever wanted to say that to someone?

Maybe someone who bounced up to you as you came out of the ring to tell you what you SHOULD have done and point out where you went wrong?

Like you didn’t already know what went wrong!

If there’s one time you don’t want to be told what went wrong, it’s in those first 15 seconds- 5 minutes after, when you’re still pumping adrenalin, trying to get a lead on your dog and get your breath back. Frankly I think it’s the lack of breath that prevents more trainers and “helpful” people getting slapped when they do this!!

Time and time again people ask me how to cope with people telling them what they did wrong, but not what they did RIGHT! Blimey, any wonder people get discouraged!

But here’s something you can do for yourself– without having to wait for someone else to notice… and it’s been proven to be a key factor used by elite sportspeople more effectively than by those who get stuck at lesser heights.

Realistic performance evaluation.

Fancy term for saying that you aim to note both the strengths as well as the growing edges in your performance. Ignore the areas for improvement and clearly you’re not going to get better. But we also know from research that you need self-confidence and motivation to excel. By having an even-handed approach to our performance we give ourselves evidence that gives credibility to our self-confidence, which in turn helps motivate us that we CAN achieve our goals.

So next time you step out in training or competition, don’t wait for anyone else to tell you what was good (or what you can improve on next time)- analyse your own performance. And if you can’t find any positives, your vision is impaired because I will bet you that they’re there- even if you can’t see them yet. Don’t worry, you can learn to see them- keep going!

Be your own cheerleader and fair critic. Not one or the otheryou need BOTH to excel.

Happy competing! 

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Leeks, spuds and pumpkins for the win!

Don’t you just love autumn? The colours alone are gorgeous.

But what has that got to do with you holding it together in competition?!

Here’s a few things that can make you a better competitor that I was reflecting on during a traditional harvest service whilst surrounded by local produce (good job it’s a vegetable growing area. Cattle would’ve been awkward).

Take time to look back.

Whatever your spirituality (and you’re a grown up, I’m not going to tell you what to believe, that’s your job!), harvest services are about taking time out and looking back over the season. Do the same on your competitive journey– take notes, record results, see how you’re progressing towards your goals. If you never look back, you’ll never see just how far you’ve come!

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is key. Complainers sap energy- both their own and that of others. But gratitude for what you’ve got and focusing on what you have, rather than don’t have, will give you a better idea of the resources you possess already that can help you achieve your goals, if you USE them!

Think in seasons

Another great thing about harvest service is that it re-connects you with the land, which the seasonal nature of the Earth. This is an important piece in competition. It’s not a never-ending linear process and there is a time for ramping up the pace, and a time to rest… Time to prep, and time to get working!

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Train Harder for less success!


“I work so hard, we’re successful in training, but in competition, you’d swear he’s never seen equipment before…”

If you have a performance dog, you’ve probably spent a LOT of money on it: buying it, vet fees, training classes, training DAYS will all the best trainers, trouble shooting sessions with experienced trainers, entry fees, camping fees, competition entries…

Some of you are still not seeing the success you want, your goals seem as far away as ever.

You get more and more nervous and stressed about competing, your trainers work you harder to ‘get it right’, you spend more and more money on training days and… the problems get WORSE instead of better.

If this is you, don’t give up. Let me say that again, don’t give up. This is not the time to quit. 

This is the time to ADDRESS and FACE DOWN the nerves and fears that have perhaps even been there from the start and that your perceived lack of success to date is making worse. It’s time your dog had the same handler in competition as they do in training- instead of that nervous wreck they’ve become used to seeing!

Let me be blunt for a second: if you know that you are anxious and unhelpfully nervous at competitions, then your dog knows. So do your dog a favour and do something about it. TODAY.

For example, if that critical voice in your ear is telling you failure is inevitable, you have a choice. Listen to it, or don’t. The future hasn’t happened, so why prove it right? What if that critical voice is wrong? What could happen THEN??

If you’re ready to change, sign up for your first webchat consultation with me and let’s do training on an area that will help you and your dog enjoy agility more and get you moving towards the successes you want.

Do it now- I look forward to working with you!


 “Thank you so much, I am very happy- Musto especially is really thriving on my improved focus- he is the biggest challenge as he is sooo tuned into me but I seem to be getting it right as he has never been so happy in the ring…” -Tracy Moerel, 2012