Testimonial from Team Canada competitor, Ann Carrington

Ann has competed for Canada at WAO, IFCS and FCI world championships and won her place on both FCI and EO squads for the 2015 competitions. I have had the pleasure of working with Ann since before her first WAO and through our collaboration and her sheer hard work and determination, she is a different person and in the process of making her biggest dreams come true. After winning her place in these most recent squads, Ann sent me this testimonial to share with you:


Gremlins and Other Voices in My Head


Nerves are your permission to excel! This is one of the ways you are teaching me to deal with competition nerves and build up confidence. Using those flutters of fear to focus and be confident in the moment with my amazing little Jazz is really helping me to find that quiet place where our runs seem to be in slow motion and we are a team. Kathrine, you are an insightful and empathetic guide in how to deal with those voices and gremlins in my mind that want to give me excuses to not perform at my best mentally.


Thank you for helping me to find the way through those challenges, so that I can achieve my dreams, one task and goal at a time. Each time I walk to the line with Jazz, I am grateful for that moment with her; I square my shoulders, pull down my shirt, and say to her, “let’s go do it!” This is something I couldn’t have achieved not long ago, and it is your coaching and faith in me that is helping me continue to reach new levels of trust in my dog and myself as well as confidence.

Another Goal-Setting for Success Testimonial…

Here’s Marie’s feedback from her Goal-Setting for Success journey…

“Things that have changed for me since starting the “goal setting for

No longer obsessed on clear rounds.
More relaxed in the competition ring.
Learned time management skills for life.
No longer beat my self up for making mistakes/ or forgetting things.
Sleeping better.
Can recognise so called friends for sapping me of my positivity.
No longer searching for the miraculous trainer/ or technic to help me advance in the sport I love. I am that person, the answers are within me and my mindset.”

Way to go Marie!!

Not content with competing better, Marie’s new skills are helping her in life, including sleeping better- how great is that?!!

And, as much of a rock star as Marie undoubtedly is, she is human, so if she can do it, you can too. You just need to commit to the work and be prepared to surprise yourself!!

Real ‘Confidence’


I know some of you struggle with the idea of ‘confidence’- because maybe what you’ve been told is ‘confidence’ looks like cockiness… or bluffing, maybe even aggression, as someone selfishly bulldozes others’ feelings or experience… Maybe it seems like an empty word as some claim to have it then melt like a chocolate teapot when the pressure rises… But that’s not real confidence. At least, it’s not the solid grounding *I’m* talking about. 

To me, true ‘confidence’ is not about saying empty words or having delusions about yourself. You also don’t need to put others down to be confident (actually, if you’re that good, you can afford to be nice!). This confidence will stand the test of pressure- smaller perhaps at first, but growing as you use it & work at it.

True confidence is about knowing that you’ve done what you could to prepare, and knowing what you’re now going to put into practice. And fearing neither failure, nor success, because your worth is not limited to what happens in competition. 

Whether you ever win or not in sport, you can learn to be confident- in a meaningful way that can actually change your life. 

Real confidence that has substance is possible & liberating and is not just for a super-breed of human. Anyone can take steps to grow genuine confidence, so they can step up and give their best when it matters.

You’ve maybe heard the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ & I like that. But frankly I want to go beyond being happy with you merely ‘faking it’ when I know I can help you go further and ‘make it!’ 

Bottom line: YOU can develop confidence that is real, that helps you step up & give your best in competition. But it requires effort on your part. And the great news about that is that it’s up to you! You control it! And as and when you need my help, I’m here to help you learn and grow. It is my honour to serve clients from not-competing-yet to world level & it would be my pleasure to help you, whether via an online class, in-person seminar or workshop or through the free articles on my website. 

YOU can grow in confidence, so let’s get started!

ONLINE CLASS: Start Line Confidence Autumn 2015


There’s no better feeling than stepping up to compete and knowing that you’re ready to give your best.

That feeling of being alive, connected with your canine team-mate, and focused on the performance you’re going to give in the competition ring.

And there is a HUGE buzz to be had from watching yourself develop into that handler, when you once weren’t a vision of calm focus, and perhaps where you’ve been freaking your dog out with your anxious nerves.

Kathrine has helped many handlers just like you to develop their own Start Line Confidence and this is now your opportunity to join them.

Class starts on Monday, October 12th so if you want to develop your own mental prep routine, tailored for YOU, get your seat in class. You’ll work alongside handlers from all over the world, in a supportive and FUN environment, and you can work at your own pace.

You will have 6 months’ access to class materials- or even more if you grab one of the select few ‘PLUS’ seats in class.

Sign up here

Have you ever come off a course and just thought ‘ugh’?

Feeling like you’ve ‘let your dog down’ is horrible, isn’t it? And whether it’s at a small local competition or a national championships, there can just be times that the unwary competitor is caught out by that annoying voice in their head, destroying their focus and making them doubt themselves… you know the one:

‘You’ll never beat… [big name]’

‘You’re too fat/slow/old/short-legged/[insert insult]… to get round that tricky section’

‘Ha! You think you’re going to handle it like that?! Don’t make me laugh…’

Right?! You KNOW that voice, and you know what? So does Kathrine. She’s already helped hundreds of competitors just like you to identify and start defeating it. Will you be the next success story??

That’s what Start Line Confidence is all about.

Join class from October 12th for 4 weeks and work on: 

*Calm Focus, in and outside the ring

*Increasing your confidence in your and your dog’s abilities

*Improving your accuracy when running courses

*Preparing to give your best, regardless of the event

*Silencing that voice that wants you to fail


*PRACTICAL strategies for:

•walking the course,


•distractions (including how to deal with other people distracting you)

•and MUCH more.


What you’ll get:

*A Weekly highly targeted lesson video

*A Weekly video with a very specific exercise that builds on what you learned in the week’s lesson, which you can immediately begin practicing

*A Private Facebook group for Daily advice, support and encouragement

*TWO Weekly Focused Q&A days for accountability and individual help

*One Extended Live Coaching Call for further in-depth tailored support (PLUS members get an exclusive BONUS call one month after class ends, for further support and accountability)

*A NEW GORGEOUS UPDATED Personal Workbook to accompany class

*Individually tailored personal responses from Kathrine to your topical questions

*A full 6 months of access to all learning materials (that rises to over 7 months with the PLUS version)


Here’s some recent feedback from handlers just like you who’ve taken Mind to Win classes:

Megan says:
I have been doing agility for most of my life. The older I get, the more opportunities for agility to be “un-fun” arise. Mind to Win gave me back the control over that fun. Kathrine reminded me that dreams never die and that I am in control of achieving those dreams. Not only does Mind to Win work (when the skills are applied consistently!), but working with Kathrine is like working with a childhood best friend. She’s kind, supportive, connected, and an all-around good time. I’ve known her less than a year, and feel like I’ve known her my whole life. I can’t express my gratitude to Kathrine in just a few sentences. Kathrine/Mind to Win made competing fun again, gave me permission to fail and to play to my strengths, and gave me back the control to have a good time in agility with fellow competitors, my students, and myself.
Thank you, Kathrine!
Megan Foster & Smack (Team USA)

Since I have started using some of the Mind to Win techniques my working cocker Taya has been a different dog…. so much happier… so much more confident… so much more focused…. both in training and in competition. I have done lots of other workshops but Mind to Win techniques have probably had 10x more impact on our agility than any other workshop. As you can tell I couldn’t recommend it more highly!!

Sally Hayward 

“Thank you for bringing out the best in me!… That amazing feeling of being focused and at one with my dogs is priceless – thank you for helping me achieve my goals with my precious dogs. Can’t thank you enough  xx”

Gemma Fisher 

Kathrine has the unique ability to see where each of us is on our separate journeys and to set us in a more positive direction along the way.

Cody Craig

Thank you, a weight I didn’t really realise I’d been carrying has been lifted 🙂

Name withheld

Love how last year’s course is still making a difference to how I face life in general as well as agility.

Brenda Ellen Tenten

If you’re struggling with your agility game then you need to speak to Kathrine at Mind to Win – she’s made all the difference in the world to my life, and not just agility. She’s like your own personal cheerleader, plus she gives you the confidence to cheer for yourself too – what more can I say, she rocks! :)”

Gemma Fisher

To get your seat in class, click HERE

Class starts on Monday October 12th– get a seat and let’s help you become the best handler you can be for your dog!

 photo-2-150x150Dr. Kathrine McAleese is the go-to dog sports psychotherapist and a performance coach, speaker, writer and cheerleader of excellence! Her unique talent is helping dog handlers take simple, useable mindset principles to build their confidence and focus so they can compete as well as they train. Highly acclaimed by dog owners worldwide, Kathrine’s seminars, workshops and hugely successful online courses help average and elite competitors alike to get results they can be proud of.

Be the Change

Trigger warning: This is quite a serious post and I have debated whether to publish it or not for a while now, but I think it is important, at least so those currently experiencing some of these things can know that they are not alone. Please take care of yourself while reading and please do not reactively comment. If you would like to comment on Facebook, please do not go into details. Stay classy and rise above. Don’t lower yourself to using social media to try to get back at anyone. Stay classy and check yourself first and foremost- as always, the only person we can control or improve is ourselves!

me with Quill


With disturbing regularity, I get emails, messages and questions about how to deal with bullies around shows. Often these come from people who’ve started to have some success and are now having bad experiences that they had no clue existed when they were just plodding along.

I know the majority of people in our sports are lovely, but there are those who, frankly, are bullies. They may not see themselves as such but let’s take a moment to call out some of the behaviours that I hear about regularly.

I’m NOT talking about casual or thoughtless things people say, and I’m NOT talking about people who for their own reasons are perhaps more sensitive to criticism. What I AM talking about are those people who – check yourself before you point the finger at others- GRATUITOUSLY and for SELFISH or other NEGATIVE reasons are determined to put others off and make them feel less as people.

Behaviours include (this is not an exhaustive list)- 

*Gathering a gang of cronies and deliberately trying to INTIMIDATE others – physically & emotionally

*Spreading malicious lies

*Deliberately treating others like pariahs/outcasts because of their success (seriously- who REALLY has the problem?)

*Verbally attacking specific people and getting in their space

*Physical intimidation

*Physical assault- ‘accidentally’ bashing into a rival so hard as to try to knock them over.

*Following rivals around (stalking)


These things are UNACCEPTABLE. They are also UNNECESSARY. I know some might say they’re merely ‘playing the game’ and if you ‘can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen’, but really?

Is that a valid excuse?

…For setting a negative tone at competitions?

…For modelling bullying and abusive behaviours to others?

…Is your own character and integrity worth so little to you that you are willing to belittle others and leave them fearful, just in hopes that they might mess up and give you a better chance of doing well?

Are you really THAT insecure and are your skills really THAT hit-or-miss that you have to resort to bullying tactics?

If you’re THAT good…

…you can afford to be nice.

If you’re that good…

…I would argue you should be able to appreciate the competition and thrive on it, without needing to tear it down.

If you’re that good…

…your competition can do their best, and you will still be able to come out on top- only now you’ll have done it against them at their best, rather than after you’ve mentally played them.

Focus on developing your skills and doing what you need to do and leave crass behaviours to lesser individuals. Please.

Even if the person you’re trying to put off is actually a horrible nasty person, to do what you’re doing:

a) makes you less of a person and

b) ignores that no matter how horrible they are, you don’t know what makes them that way and

c) by treating them so poorly, you’re not acknowledging that they are a human with feelings.

You also don’t know what else is going on in their lives and how your behaviours may be pushing them towards a very dark place. I have seen this, so I personally want to beg you, from my professional perspective to STOP. NOW. People have entire lives and stresses outside sports and your behaviour matters.

Let me remind you- whether you’re the bully or the bullied, that the rule of law still applies in sports venues.

Silent Complicity

One other point to note- when you see bullying and silently participate or fail to do anything to stop it, you are complicit. You are siding in that moment with the intimidator, the bully, and are effectively doing what they do. And let’s be honest, there is NOTHING to say that you won’t be their next target!

Whether you are a raw beginner, or an experienced competitor, you are first and foremost human, and your behaviour matters. What you accept, you allow. You have power to be the sort of person who brightens up a room by your attitudes, or bringing it down. You choose whether to change the tone of conversation or go along with it- for better or for worse.

On behalf of the many folks I have encountered who have experienced bullying, abuse and aggression, please be part of the solution.

Be the sort of person you want to encounter at competitions and training, I dare you! As the famous quote goes: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’


Nobody can be you like you!

When we set out to achieve anything in any area of life, we can do it for the right reasons, but we can also end up striving hard for things we don’t actually want, but that we think we ought to strive for, because other people want us to. And you know what? When we are trying to achieve other peoples’ goals, we don’t reach those glorious heights that we can when we’re actually working out of our OWN passion and working on those things which are truly meaningful to us.

This is where goal-setting becomes fun. Learning to strip away those things which have meaning for others, but deep down matter little to us, and putting the steps in place to achieve the dreams, hopes and aspirations we secretly harbour for ourselves.

Let me give you an example of how this works…

I promise not to repeatedly blog about or bore you with wedding details (!), but this analogy is relevant, so bear with me!

bride pic

I’ve been trying on wedding dresses… and if I do say so myself, there were lots of lovely dresses that did wonderful things for my figure and that I looked good in*… BUT then I tried on THE dress, and it was gorgeous and lovely and I felt pretty, but I also felt like me. Job done. That was it. That’s the one, so the rest naturally falls into place because of it- veil, shoes, bridesmaids’ dresses, the whole deal. All sorted because I chose a dress that ‘fits’ me- in how it looks, feels, my style… it is just right for ME. Not for other people, for ME.

And our goals are really no different. Oh yes, we might look pretty dressing up in others’ goals for us, and heck, we might even carry them off, but they’ll not feel as good, they won’t fit as well and they won’t be YOU in the way that actually matching your goals to YOU will feel.

Use your one life well

This is where so many people teach goal setting in a way that bores the pants of me! Honestly, if it isn’t fun and if it doesn’t flow naturally, then I think there’s something wrong. There are things we care about in this life and things we don’t give a hoot about, and the sooner we get to work on the things that matter and building things from THAT perspective, the better off we can be!

Real change takes TIME, Effort and Consistency- there are no magic wands

It’s why I take such time over Goal-Setting for Success, and, I would say, why it has proven so effective for class participants! Whatever area of life they’ve applied it to, those who’ve done the work have astonished and delighted themselves with their results, and they’re not beating themselves up, working themselves into the ground or anything else to do it, they’re simply learning how to be the new, improved versions of themselves that they want to be and using their goals as a tool to do that.

And of course, working with a professional who can help you navigate the mental roadblocks that may occur means that you are not left to cope with them alone, but are given questions, action steps and potential solutions from someone qualified to help you!

My dress has been ordered and my goals set- I will tell you now that my dress will need taken in and my goals will be tweaked multiple times this year, as early goals are achieved and surpassed, and new more challenging goals set! I can’t wait! I hope you will join me and make 2015 and OUTSTANDING year!


*By the way, if that comment made you think I was being arrogant or such, we need to talk! 😉


What it’s Like to Work With Mind To Win: Interview with Tracey Watt

Interview with Tracey Watt 10/12/14

Interview by Jenny Halpin

GSFS Collie

   Kathrine’s note: I had nothing to do with this interview. I wanted you to be able to hear from one of my clients (more interviews to follow), without them speaking to me or just being nice. So Jenny   chose the questions, spoke with Tracey and then sent me the transcript. The only things I have done are to embolden her questions and to cut off the conversation at the end that was after the interview  ended. So this is every word that Jenny recorded. Enjoy the behind the scenes perspective! 

Tracey Watt & MojoJ: What was competing, or life competing like before you started with Mind to Win?

T: Before I started with Mind to Win I was extremely nervous when I was going to shows. I was an absolute nightmare on the start line. I could be easily put off by anybody round about me would be able to say “Oh I was going to do that” or “I wouldn’t have done if like that” and if it was the way I’d walked the course, that would be me, I would be in bits before I went into the ring! Completely. I also had this preconceived idea that everybody was actually watching my run; now I know that people don’t but at that time I thought everybody was watching me and everybody was standing at the side going “Oh she shouldn’t have done that or she should have done this” and the whole gremlins taking over your life… So yeah, it wasn’t the nicest place for me. I used to go along, feeling sick, thinking why am I doing this and then coming home being miserable if it hadn’t gone well to my other half and them saying “I thought you started doing this for fun”. Yeah it is fun… so yes, it was just pretty grim.

J: Yes, it sounds it. So what made you choose Mind to Win? 

T: I was actually watching someone else on the start line who has a very particular routine that he followed and I commented about how in the zone he was and he was dead honest, he said I’ll come and speak to you after I’ve run. And he came to grab me later on and he said you need to look up Kathrine McAleese, Mind to Win. You need to look up that site and you need to do some reading and get on some of her courses. So that was kind of where it came from. Looked up the site, got hooked up on the Facebook page and just from the messages and the things that Kathrine sent through that was kind of it for me, I was like I really like this. I like what I’m seeing. And then obviously I seen some of the courses that were coming up and I thought I’m going to give this a go cos I really think it could help me.

J: So what classes have you taken?

T: I’ve done 7 Deadly Sins, the 12 Days of Christmas, the Goal Setting for Success and Start Line Confidence. Tracey Watt

J: Oh wow!

T: Does that mean I’m a fully paid up member?!

J: It’s certainly impressive! So what was your favourite course?

T: I really liked the 7 Deadly Sins but I think the one I got most out of was the Goal Setting for Success.

J: Right, why was that?

T: It really helped me focus in on what I want to achieve; it helped me with my weight loss, because I changed the way I thought about what I was doing. And I think there was a lot of things I got out of that course. I also now sit down on a regular basis and review what I actually want to achieve and the steps that I’m going to take to do that. And that’s come across in my work as well, you know, it’s been really helpful in there.

J: So it’s sort of a whole life application then?

T: Yes, definitely the Goal Setting, cos when you get yourself in to that whole mind-set of what you want to do and what you want to achieve and then taking it, reversing it back, you know, to get to A, what steps do I need to take? And it’s just taught me some really good behaviours and how I can actually map that out and work out how I’m going to get there.

J: Right, so… that was just an extra question…so how has Mind to Win helped you? Well you’ve just touched on that, is there anything else you want to say about it?

T: Oh yes, so I have, haven’t even read my notes! When it comes to setting my goals I think one of the things that I did before was I used to set… they weren’t particularly smart goals, you know it would be like “I’m going to lose weight”. Well that’s nice… but I didn’t have a Right by this date it is my intention to be at this target, how am I going to do that, what am I going to do to achieve it? And that has been one of the key things for me that I know make it something that isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be a stretching target, but at least I’ve got the clear target in there as opposed to just “in 2015 I’m going to lose more weight”. Well, what does that mean? Cos it could you mean that you lose a pound over the course of the year, well done you lost more weight but it’s not what you necessarily want to overall achieve. So yeah that was the big thing. And it’s definitely- much as you probably look at me bobbling about here- it has increased my confidence in my own ability! Because it’s… can’t really explain that bit… I think through the things that I’ve learnt and whether you think you’re applying them all or not I think there are points in your life and as things are happening you think oh yeah I remember, you know, I read this on a course or this would be useful to bring in… So yeah it has increased my confidence considerably and definitely in relation to agility 100% increased my confidence because I basically was going into that ring feeling like I didn’t have the justification to be there, whereas now I go in thinking, right this is it, me and my dog, we can do this- and we’re off!

J: Great that’s brilliant… we are touching on the questions anyway… what else, how have you applied Mind to Win to any other areas of life? You’ve mentioned some things, your confidence, your weight loss…

T: Yeah definitely with my weight loss because I have set myself the goals and been able to do that. I have used some of it at work with some of my team. There’s some… oh you’ll know.. Kathrine refers to the frog analogy and eat the damn frog! And it’s quite funny because after I’d done a bit of that course there was something going on at work and one of the team had a particular piece of work that every time I asked it was back at the bottom of the pile and I was like “Right, this is your frog”. I explained and she was like oh right and so basically you don’t eat it now it’s just going to get bigger , it’s going to be more evil and more vile tasting by the time you get to it so just do it! So we know have this laugh in the team that we all have our own little frogs of work to avoid or not do. So yeah, I’ve used it there, I’ve used it in dog club, I take some of the stuff into there to help me with some of the challenges I’ve had there. It’s been really good.

J: Cool. So what would you say to anyone, someone who is thinking about taking a Mind to Win course?

T: I would say sign up today. Just do it. Because once you’ve actually started done that and you get to it… I really like the Live sessions Kathrine does, they’re really good. The Facebook pages, the closed groups for whatever course you’re doing just give you such a fantastic network of people who appreciate where you’re coming from, they understand… they might not be in exactly the same place, their scenarios might be slightly different but they’re all there to help and support and give advice… it’s just a really good system because it’s much better than it just… I mean you can read loads of stuff and I have over the years, I’ve read various books on building your confidence but I think having someone who you can bounce your ideas off of and say well you know I’ve tried this and it didn’t quite work, this is what I’d do differently next time… it just makes such a difference to have that and you know it does make a big difference to your life. Kathrine is absolutely fantastic and what I would say is that it’s really important for anyone who does take part in the course to actually fully take part in that course. There’s no point in signing up if you’re not prepared to commit fully to it and to engage on Facebook and through the live meets and things like that because you won’t get the same value out of it I think. You’ll still gain some things but it won’t be as much as if you actually interact with everybody

J: Absolutely. Some of the Facebook groups are just amazing 

T: Yeah. I love them and I still look back at them and I still post on some of them so you know it’s fab. They’re really good.

J: Yip. That’s great. Oh right, last question already- anything else you want to say?

T: the only thing I wish was that there was more face to face stuff that we could do… I very jealously look at the camps and things like that and they’re never a day or time that I can make but one day I will do it! I know that she’s not enough hours in the day…

[end of interview as J & T start talking about life generally]

Goal Setting for Success

GSFS Collie

If you’ve ever thought that goal-setting was not something you were ‘good’ at, let me encourage you. The reason many of us have experienced the frustration and disappointment of not achieving our goals is simply because we’ve never been taught how to set the goals that will work for US. That’s what this class is about.

I will be teaching you the STEP- BY- STEP strategies I have used to teach handlers all over the world and help them go from frustrated to fired up.

What we’ll be covering:

~ The BIGGEST mistake that people make when setting goals.

~ How to set goals that ‘fit’ you

~ What makes goals inspiring and fun to go after

~ What to do when you’re getting close to your goals to avoid self-sabotage

~ Every step in good goal-setting, all broken down into bite-size chunks

~ Review days to help you reinforce and catch up on previous lessons

~ Everything you need to know about how to overcome your doubts and fears as you head towards your goals

~ And MUCH much more…

Class Format:

16 lessons over 12 weeks, starting January 12th, 2015

Personal support at every step along the way in our private Facebook group

Monthly group coaching calls

Weekly Focused Q&A days in group

All lessons kept together conveniently in your personal member’s area

Packed full of practical exercises you can immediately begin using to help you set and achieve your goals in 2015!


Who this class is for:

~ Anyone ready to take their life up a gear and make some changes

~ Anyone ready to learn

~ Anyone fed up of setting goals that never seem to happen

~ Anyone with things they want to achieve in 2015!

Who this class is NOT for:

~ Anyone who has decided they are a failure and always will be

~ Anyone looking for a magic wand

~ Anyone with no intention of doing any work to move towards their goals

~ Anyone who thinks they know it all


If you are ready and willing to get to work with me on your goals, then I am ready to bring you this ‘life-changing’* class.

Sign up and get your seat in class now while registration is still open!



Dr Kathrine McAleese

me with Quill


Dr. Kathrine McAleese is the go-to dog sports psychotherapist and a performance coach, speaker, writer and cheerleader of excellence! Her unique talent is helping dog handlers take simple, useable mindset principles to build their confidence and focus so they can compete as well as they train. Serving dog owners worldwide, Kathrine’s seminars, workshops and hugely successful online courses help average and elite competitors alike to get results they can be proud of.




* ‘Life-changing’ is a term used by previous clients, not me. YOU define your own results and at all times remain responsible for your results. But if you’re willing to work at it, get ready to surprise yourself!


Pay it Forward!


When I do seminars and online classes, I always invite my clients to PAY IT FORWARD. To tell others what has changed for them having worked with Mind to Win and to SHARE with those they care about the difference that working on your mindset makes.

At some level we all KNOW how essential a part it is of our training, but unfortunately, anything related to the mind is not YET as socially easy to talk about (or accepted) as it really should be.

People will happily talk about and go to a doctor when they feel physically unwell or like their body isn’t working at its best, somehow it’s not YET as natural and ‘normal’ to consult a specialist when you know your mind could use a couple of tweaks- however minor.

So when you TELL your friends what we’ve been working on and how it’s improved things for you, you are LIBERATING others from the LIE that there has to be something ‘wrong’ with you to do mindset work. There IS NOT something wrong with you, you’re HUMAN! None of us are perfect and we can ALL use help to be our best, whether it’s our technical skills or our mindset skills. We need to normalise this, and you telling people that you’ve been working on your mindset might be the thing that helps them do the same. Or indeed helps them get therapy for deeper issues.

If you’re not sure how to tell others-

… you can tell them that it’s an essential part of sport, and ask why they don’t work on it…

… perhaps you might want to remind them that the world’s top class athletes in most sports constantly work on their mindset- even taking their coach with them on tour…

… maybe for you it’s easier to focus on what was going wrong and how it was affecting your dog and point them to how different your dog is now…

… maybe you just want to tell them the fun we have in class and about some of the ‘aha’ moments you’ve had that changed your results…

… even a comment when you share a status can help those you care about start to see how normal a thing this is to talk about and realise that they too can get help when they need it…

Whatever way you choose to do it, please pay it forward. TELL your friends. Help me make it normal for people to get help and improve their mental game. Honour those who have helped you and STOP SHAMING YOURSELF for having sought help!!

YOU are the strong one for knowing you had a weakness, facing it and changing it!

YOU are to be celebrated, so please don’t hide it. Wear it with pride and help others to do the same!

Together we can help people live happier, healthier lives, and today I invite you to partner with me in this movement and pay it forward.

Instantly Improve Your Competition Performance

Collie tunnel AF

There is no better feeling than leaving the competition ring knowing that you’ve had a connected run and done your absolute best for your canine team-mate.

In my years as a psychotherapist, researcher and competition mindset coach, I have observed key problems like that that really mess with competitors’  ability to do their best.

How I can help you

I have combined my expertise and training with scientifically proven principles and have now translated these into easy to follow classes and courses that ANY competitor can take and apply. In fact, these principles can be applied to any area of life, not just competition!

Some of my previous clients have used these principles to help them succeed at national and world championships, others have used them to lose weight, improve their fitness, even launch businesses! And if they can do it, so can you.


In this FREE video training, I am going to give you one of my TOP TIPS. You can apply this TODAY and IMMEDIATELY see an improvement in your performance. To get this free training NOW, just click this link: GET IT NOW!

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Dr. Kathrine McAleese, is the go-to dog sports psychotherapist and a performance coach, speaker, writer and cheerleader of excellence! Her unique talent is helping dog handlers take simple, useable mindset principles to build their confidence and focus so they can compete as well as they train. Serving dog owners worldwide, Kathrine’s seminars, workshops and hugely successful online courses help average and elite competitors alike to get results they can be proud of.