Another Goal-Setting for Success Testimonial…

Here’s Marie’s feedback from her Goal-Setting for Success journey…

“Things that have changed for me since starting the “goal setting for

No longer obsessed on clear rounds.
More relaxed in the competition ring.
Learned time management skills for life.
No longer beat my self up for making mistakes/ or forgetting things.
Sleeping better.
Can recognise so called friends for sapping me of my positivity.
No longer searching for the miraculous trainer/ or technic to help me advance in the sport I love. I am that person, the answers are within me and my mindset.”

Way to go Marie!!

Not content with competing better, Marie’s new skills are helping her in life, including sleeping better- how great is that?!!

And, as much of a rock star as Marie undoubtedly is, she is human, so if she can do it, you can too. You just need to commit to the work and be prepared to surprise yourself!!

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