Always Remember Never to Believe This


If that little voice in your head- that mindset gremlin- tries to get you to believe things like you…


…mess it up

…forget courses

…get eliminated

…blow the start line because your dog…


…waits in competition

or you…


…get the weaves

…run clear

…get placed


…Then this video is to encourage you not to believe the lie. The law of averages suggests that somewhere out there, that gremlin telling you that you ALWAYS/NEVER is actually covering up evidence to the contrary. It may be blinding you to seeing it, it may even be inviting you to a pity party where you get to feel miserable about the times it’s right, BUT that does not mean that ALWAYS/NEVER is accurate! Don’t sell yourself or your dog short. LOOK for the times when the gremlin is wrong.    I dare you!

They ARE there, you may just not have been looking for them, or your gremlin may have been shouting them down with its tales of woe.

It’s up to you of course whether you look for the times you DO succeed or listen to the gremlin. That’s completely up to you to choose. But if you need help finding the gremlin-bashing evidence or just need a bit more support, I’m here to help you and I bring a community of phenomenal Mind to Win-ers with me- people JUST LIKE YOU who’ve overcome their own gremlins and are fighting to be their best for themselves and their dogs. You can do it too, and I’m here to help you.

Enjoy today’s video and please share this post with the friends you know need to hear it.

I’m rooting for you!



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