What is Mind to Win? (a.k.a. The Technical Bit)

Mind to Win is a high-kicking cheerlead for you. I bring my professional therapeutic expertise but YOU are the expert on your life. We bring those things together in recognition that you CAN change. And I want to help you get there.

I’m what’s probably best understood as a systemic psychotherapist- which just means that I look at a whole host of relevant factors that might be impacting you and pay attention to those while we’re working together. If you know anything about therapy at all, you’ll already have picked up that Narrative Therapy is my currently favoured theory (though I’m trained in numerous theories and will use what best works for you).

For me, what being a predominantly Narrative Therapist means is that I want to empower you as the expert on your own life– not play the “expert”- and that I believe we all hold stories of success that sometimes get lost as a problem-story takes over and becomes dominant. Helping you find and use those existing success stories is part of our work as we undermine the “problem-story” and start writing the stories of success you’ll want to keep re-telling!

My clients have already had success at local, national, international and world levels and some of them have taken what we’ve worked on and not only experienced a lot of success in their dog agilitybut also in their jobs and relationships. Wow, way to go guys!

My clients are regular people, just like you but they are amazing to me because they work hard and achieve success! I am soo privileged to get working with such great people!

I’ve competed in various sports myself- from swimming to netball, from dancing to dog agility! I’ve been professional in one and qualified for WAO world championship squad in dog agility in 2011, a sport I’ve competed in in: N. Ireland, England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and USA. I’ve taught and trained handlers and judged competitions in my native N. Ireland. It was a natural progression for me to wonder how my therapeutic work could help people perform under pressure, having observed people in both work and recreational settings before I ever became a therapist. This led me to start Mind to Win and has developed into working with competitors at local, national and world standards. My work has included being team psychotherapist to the NI WAO world championship dog agility squad (or “Team Psycho”/ “head doc” as they refer to me!) and with the birth of my online courses and classes, this past year, I had clients from at least 6 countries competing at WAO.

If you’ve any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me,

Dr. Kathrine McAleese